Automated Reporting and Analytics Solution (AURA) – Insights Generator

Automated Reporting and Analytics Solution (AURA) – Insights Generator

Personalized insights delivered by leveraging Generative AI to extract relevant information from multiple data sources.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leaders need actionable and personalized insights to make better business decisions and drive revenue growth. The challenge for leaders is that they can’t spend time dealing with huge volumes of data and then trying to draw relevant conclusions. This is where AURA can be a game changer with its capability for insight generation.

AURA is Persistent’s automated insights generator. AURA leverages Generative AI to extract the right information from petabytes of data and package it in a way that will equip decision-makers with relevant insights. Going beyond generating insights from data, what makes AURA more powerful is that the insights are easily configurable and can be changed based on the user’s feedback. Using APIs, AURA can pull data from several sources in an enterprise.

A robust governance and security mechanism underneath the AURA framework ensures compliance with role-based access needs. AURA is easily deployable on a stack of your choice and connects with your central Data Lake.

  • Highly configurable and customizable as per users’ needs
  • Strong governance and security compliance in place
  • Leverages GenAI and shares improved insights with time
  • Works with stack of your choice
How does AURA resolve your query?
NLP engine

The NLP engine resolves the data elements, and the action items from your query

Discovers the appropriate dataset

Discovers the appropriate dataset / datasets required to answer

Embedded analytics algorithm

Identified action triggers the embedded analytics algorithm

Intelligent, self developed visualization of the analysis

Algorithm creates an intelligent, self developed visualization of the analysis

Recommendation engine

Recommendation engine suggests analogous questions

Why Persistent ?
Deep Technology Expertise

Leverage our design patterns, cultivated through the delivery of hundreds of transformative data-driven digital solutions, to respond to new technologies and evolving customer preferences.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Build a data foundation you can rely on with our partner ecosystem developed over 30 years as an engineering and implementation partner for leading data technology providers.

Composable Data-Driven Solutions

Accelerate time to value by 60% with solutions designed and delivered using a pre-integrated composable digital mosaic that eliminates the complexity of choice and integration.

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