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Netezza Professional and Managed Services

Get expert help for all Netezza Services, including Migration Services, Managed Services, and Extended Support.

With IBM announcing the end of life for Netezza Mako in April 2023, and Netezza customers need full Software and Hardware support to protect their mission critical applications and data. Persistent has been a trusted partner for global market leaders across industries for supporting and managing their Netezza Systems.

We will continue to provide Netezza Mako support to our existing Netezza customers as they continue their transition into more modern technology.

You can leverage our more than two decades of end-to-end Netezza Engineering expertise for building, supporting, and servicing all versions of Netezza. We can help you maximize your ROI and get the best performance out of your Netezza investment. Persistent also offers comprehensive migration options to any Database.

Our Netezza Offerings

Netezza Mako Extended Support

Netezza Mako Extended Support

  • Support for Hardware, Firmware and Software
  • Remote and On-site Support
  • Break fixes, patching for software
  • On-site response and parts replacement
  • 24×7 premium support or standard 8×5 models

Netezza Managed Services

Netezza Managed Services

  • Expert troubleshooting via remote support
  • Dedicated support teams
  • Complete system health checks
  • Implement best practices for optimal performance
  • 24X7 support across NA, EU, APAC, and other major geographies

Netezza Migration Services

Netezza Migration Services

  • Migration from PDA (Legacy Netezza) to other Data Warehouse Solutions
  • Project plan and estimation
  • Infrastructure set up
  • Schema / data migration
  • Post-migration activities (UDX compilation, event setup, sanity checks)
  • 100% PDA compatible
  • Faster path to migration leveraging our expertise

Trust a Proven Partner

Unparalleled Experience
Unparalleled Experience

20+ years of proven expertise as IBM’s only Software Engineering Partner for all Netezza and its predecessor Products (i.e., PDA)

Comprehensive Netezza Support
Comprehensive Netezza Support

360° hardware and software offerings along with guaranteed best practice implementation customized to provide maximum and best-in-class support

Global Coverage
Global Coverage

Transformative business solutioning at scale in USA, Canada, UK, Netherland, Germany, France, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, China, Malaysia, Australia, and India

Why Persistent?
Unparalleled Subject Matter Expertise

We are IBMs only SW engineering partner for both Netezza and its predecessor product (i.e., PDA) for nearly 2 decades. We have helped build these products and support them too.

IBM’s Trusted Partner

We are a top tier System Integrator for IBM products with platinum business partner status.

Watson Analytics Expertise

We’ll get your Data Team setup to successfully create new insights.

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