Enterprise Data as a Service

A paradigm shift to becoming data-driven within weeks by leveraging data mesh architecture.

Enterprise investments in big data and AI are accelerating at a rapid pace. Yet very few organizations have become truly data-driven – they still take months to move from data to insights and IT dependency remains heavy with self-service limited to BI. Meanwhile, data executives continue to struggle with low data trust, long governance cycles, bureaucratic on-boarding and approval processes.

Persistent’s Data as a Service helps you make a paradigm shift to becoming data-driven within weeks with a powerful combination of a data stewardship team that

  • Owns data quality and governance
  • Manages data products
  • Ensures decentralized and distributed ownership
  • Enables end-to-end self-service through infrastructure as a platform

Domain agnostic infrastructure ensures ease of access to tools as well as data and cuts down the time needed to create new data products that are secure and discoverable.

Data Mesh architecture pattern is leveraged to create a scalable data architecture with distributed governance, data discovery framework, data security framework and SLA driven platform components.

  • Ability for end users to quickly get access to data that they need with analytics tools of their choice
  • Faster time to market through quick access to new data sets to carry out exploration and a well-integrated technology stack of data warehouses, data lakes, and machine learning and analytics tools
  • Ability to certify quality of datasets that are well-governed and discoverable
  • Secured role-based access with SSO enabled and no intermingling of cross-customer datasets
  • Rapid implementation of advanced analytics use-cases with MLOps enablement
  • Shift to a systematic SLA based model
Enterprise Data as a Service model

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    You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com