Application Portfolio Rationalization

Streamline existing application portfolios through a structured modernization and transformation roadmap that reduces overall operational costs.

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As global enterprises evolve, their IT environments grow as new applications are added to support organizational changes, mergers, acquisitions, process changes and new technologies. This leads to application sprawl with increased application management costs, reduced ROI, unnecessary complexity and security concerns. During periods of market uncertainty like the current Covid pandemic, most enterprise efforts are under significant cost pressures. This is exacerbated if there is a backlog of actions on portfolio rationalization.

With Persistent’s Application Portfolio Rationalization, businesses can streamline their existing application portfolio through a structured modernization and transformation roadmap to reduce overall operational costs and funnel that back into new digital transformation initiatives. Our tools-based, top down approach uses a systematic framework – SURE (Sustain, Update, Re-platform, Eliminate) – to help reduce IT spend on existing applications by 20-30%.

  • Significant cost savings with reduced support and maintenance cost for redundant applications
  • More manageable security compliance
  • Improved agility to respond to business needs and priorities
  • Increased opportunities for digital innovation and transformation
SURE Framework for Application Portfolio Rationalization

Persistent Systems SURE Framework is a systematic top down approach that offers deep insights and recommendations to help enterprises take the right decision for their application portfolio management initiative.

Client Success

Streamlined IT Application Portfolio for a pharma company

Persistent helped the client streamline their IT portfolio by identifying 2000 applications to be eliminated and 1122 critical upgrades.

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Client Success
Streamlined IT Application Portfolio

Streamlined IT Application Portfolio for a pharma company

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Why Persistent
Faster implementation for immediate results

Our ready to implement tool helps customers get started quickly to manage their application portfolio and start saving on application management costs instantly.

Proven SURE Framework

Our tool-based SURE Framework (Sustain, Update, Re-platform, Eliminate) enables customers to view their IT assets with a whole new perspective and empowers them to take corrective actions quickly.

Technology Insights

We leverage our 30 years of experience of working with cutting edge technologies and leading enterprises to deliver impactful insights that help clients take informed decisions and transform IT.

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