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Persistent positioned as ‘Rising Star’ for Salesforce Professional Services in ISG Provider Lens™ 2019 Report

The ISG Provider Lens™ 2019 – Salesforce Ecosystem research study analyses the relevant software vendors and service providers in the U.S. market, based on a multi-phased research and analysis process, and positions these providers based on the ISG Research methodology.

This study examines various offerings around the Salesforce platform for the U.S. market. It covers two distinct market segments. On the one hand, it analyzes providers that act as implementation partners for Salesforce and offer services to design, configure and implement solutions for clients of the Salesforce platform. On the other hand, the study gives consideration to the fact that the Salesforce ecosystem includes many independent software vendors (ISVs) that develop and offer applications that are based on the Salesforce platform, and that provide functional extensions and/or industry-specific additional functionality to this platform.

According to this study, Persistent has a unique focus with its utilization of Salesforce as an integration platform for a data-oriented system landscape. In addition to that, Persistent offers powerful accelerators and rich industry expertise. Persistent Systems’ strength lies in the following areas:

Implementation approach

Persistent is one of few providers that takes a strongly data-oriented implementation approach targeted at using Salesforce as an enterprise platform for digital transformation. This strategy is based on a well-defined foundation that Persistent calls an API and data integration layer and providing the tools and products that are necessary for consistent data-focused implementation.

Healthcare-specific solutions:

The Persistent portfolio includes a rich set of solutions specifically for healthcare with a strong focus on Service Cloud. The healthcare solutions cover the entire spectrum from patient care, spanning clinic-oriented functionality to the post-treatment activities. Persistent has Full Force certification for its solutions in healthcare and life sciences vertical.

Project efficiency by accelerators

Persistent offers accelerators that are usable across industries for improving service delivery and project efficiency, by supporting continuous integration and providing frameworks for deployment and post-deployment configuration.

Strong partnerships

Persistent has developed complete software solutions on behalf of Salesforce, for example, analytics applications, which emphasizes its competency. Partner also maintains a strong network of partners that fit properly into the data-oriented approach, including Apttus, Conga and DocuSign.

With its strong data-oriented approach and focus on using Salesforce as an enterprise platform for integrated cloud services, Persistent shows a rather specific approach among the providers offering Salesforce related services. Combined with a set of powerful pre-packaged solutions and accelerators Persistent is a highly qualified partner for an effective and successful implementation of Salesforce.

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