Today’s AWS re:Invent sessions focused on three of the most promising areas of opportunity for global enterprises: Data Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In separate sessions, Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of AWS Data and Machine Learning, Bratin Saha, Vice President, Machine Learning and AI Services, and Ganapathy (G2) Krishnamoorthy, Vice President of AWS Analytics, delivered the latest thinking from AWS on how you can future-proof your data strategy and empower your organization through Data Analytics and AI/ML.

These sessions had a consistent message: Data is the genesis of modern innovation. Data warehousing and business intelligence have long been sources of meaningful, actionable insights for lines of business. With the latest AWS tools, your organization’s data can drive a new wave of innovation and deliver unique customer experiences. Similarly, with the power of AI/ML, you can transform your company into a disruptive innovator in your industry. All of this maps directly to revenue growth and greater profitability.

Multiple speakers stressed that you need a future-proof foundation for building a successful data strategy to avoid rearchitecting in the future or accumulating tech debt. It also calls for “weaving connective tissue” for greater analytical insight and discovery and “democratizing data” to extend the benefits of AI/ML across the enterprise. This, in turn, requires:

  • Gaining access to the right tools, workloads, and data
  • Keeping up the volume of data
  • Removing IT dependency
  • Maintaining the highest reliability and security

The entire AWS portfolio, including innumerable data lakes, shows tremendous innovation, ever-higher performance, and a clear drive toward automation and ease of use. But at the same time, you risk turning your data lake into a data swamp if you don’t manage it well.

Part of the cloud challenge is dealing with the incredible range and complexity of AWS products and services. This morning alone, Amazon announced sixteen new offerings, and dozens more have been announced in other sessions as well. As Sivasubramanian put it, “Amazon has the largest collection of databases of any cloud provider, with the specialization you need for your particular workload.” The challenge is to decide where to begin when selecting and configuring the hardware and software for your organization’s future-proof data strategy.

At Persistent Systems, we have extensive experience in solving complex integration problems for global organizations across industries. We’ve found that many applications and data stacks in an organization typically operate without any enterprise-wide data plan. So, our approach has been to craft a holistic data strategy designed around your business needs and goals. We identify and improve data operations, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and regulatory compliance to unlock innovation through data-intensive products while helping you monetize your data. In conjunction with our Data Governance Management and Security Advisory Services, we provide a single, 360-degree view of enterprise data, enabling you to derive timely business insights while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. 

Working directly with AWS, Persistent offers a broad range of Data Analytics/ML/AI solutions, including:

  • Cloud Analytics Platform Evaluation
  • Decision and Data Science
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Data Integration and Modernization
  • Data Lake and Data Mesh Solutions
  • Data Quality and Governance
  • Blueprinting and Roadmap
  • Rationalization and Transformation

Let us know your requirements, and we’ll help you build a future-proof data strategy.

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