In related AWS re:Invent sessions ending today, three of the most senior AWS and Amazon executives spoke about new innovations, architectural advances, and the future of cloud engineering. Session presenters included Adam Selipsky, Chief Executive Officer of Amazon Web Services, Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO at, and Peter DeSantis, Senior Vice President of AWS Utility Computing.

Adam Selipsky laid down a marker for the broader cloud community and all  ‘forward-thinking builders’ with this stunning metric − “83% of the 1000+ unicorns run on AWS.”

It’s a powerful vote of confidence in the AWS cloud and a solid proof point. But there was much more:

  • AWS has the largest community of Partners.
  • AWS has the broadest range of databases and analytical services.
  • AWS drives cloud innovation across integration, security, governance, and visualization. 
  • The AWS Nitro V5 chip has twice the transistors, 50% more memory, and double the bandwidth.
  • The AWS C7GN graviton-based processor (running on Nitro) provides speeds up to 200 GB/second and 50% higher packet processing over C6CN.
  • AWS customers are saving 30% or more by moving to the cloud.
  • One cloud study identified a 43% reduction in time to market, with some firms saving 60% overall. 

With the real power of the cloud, the power to explore and transform, you can create an environment of innovation to try out new ideas and iterate quickly, eliminating the fear of failures and penalties. The cloud allows you to build bigger, better, and bolder things by putting data at the center of your decision-making. This is revolutionary as it makes your organization more innovative, more agile and ultimately transforms its culture.

Persistent believes the cloud is arguably the most important component of your digital journey. We understand that data is at the center of business processes and business applications and is the cornerstone of digital transformation. AWS is unveiling new performance technology that substantially moves the needle on data processing speed, memory, and packet performance. And through these many advances, AWS empowers its partners like Persistent to create game-changing new customer solutions, helping clients migrate, modernize, and operate their workloads to achieve extraordinary business outcomes.

Before you can thrive on the cloud, there are complex choices to make around architecture and integration. Our Cloud Partner Ecosystem – including AWS – enables us to leverage our domain knowledge, engineering, and technology expertise to develop a rich set of cloud-based solutions. And Persistent has the range and depth to offer a 360-degree relationship as a training, engineering, certification, and implementation partner.

One specific recommendation, our Cloud Automation Stack, lets you ramp up and secure your cloud journeyusing proven accelerators to build new environments faster, then operate with increased efficiency and governance at scale. Persistent clients use our Automation Stack and other tools and strategies to increase agility, unlock growth, and lower costs through cloud and infrastructure modernization.

Let us know your requirements, and we can help you select the best cloud solution for your business.

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