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What is Einstein Bot?

Einstein Bot is a conversational chatbot powered using Salesforce’s AI layer (Einstein) in the back end. It is part of Salesforce Service Cloud and its job is to interact with customers and provide them with the information they need quickly and accurately without human intervention.

Einstein Bot acts as the first response to customers’ queries and can handle simple, repetitive tasks to spare workload from live agents. It can answer and ask questions and perform actions based on pre-defined rules or based on inputs from the customer.

Einstein Bot is an additional channel of engagement (along with phone, email, text message, and social media) for customers and can be made available on the company’s websites, customer/partner community pages, and customer/partner-facing mobile apps.

Einstein Bot in action
Figure 1. Einstein Bot in action

“Sound interesting? But how does it work?”

How does Salesforce Einstein Bot work?

Salesforce Einstein Bot uses NLP/NLU technology that trains the chatbot to create a learning model. The bot is trained by creating dialogs (the conversational snippets for your use cases) that control what Einstein Bot can do. Every dialog is associated with dialog intent which can be trained (using utterances) to understand variation in customer input. Utterances are statements that are used to train Einstein Bot to know when to start a dialog.

With some basic training around your use cases and by providing simple (natural language) words and sentences to Einstein Bot along with the power of an artificial intelligence layer in Salesforce Einstein, you can quickly and easily set up Einstein Bot to start supporting customers.

Einstein Bot – Features

Figure 2. Einstein Bot – Features

“Alright, I understood this. But what are the telltales that my organization needs Einstein Bot?”

Which organizations should implement Einstein Bot?

If you have a service center that serves customers using live chat and your agents are working at over 100% capacity, then that’s a good scenario to implement Einstein Bot.

If you want to boost your agents’ productivity and reduce their workload (or reduce the number of agents) by automating simple queries, then implement Einstein Bot. Organizations that implemented Einstein Bot reported that customers were able to find answers to  60% of their queries by using Einstein Bot that they would otherwise have called support for.

If you want to provide a quick and accurate response to your customers’ queries 24×7, reduce their wait times, and enhance the overall customer experience, then Einstein Bot is for you.

Why should organizations choose Einstein Bot?
  • To use as a first response tool to solve over 60% of your customers’ queries
  • To handle simple, repetitive tasks and share the workload from Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • To boost your CSR’s productivity by 20%.

“Perfect, I think Einstein Bot is the right fit for my organization, but I still need consultation and technical expertise to set it up. Who can help me?”

Persistent Systems – The preferred partner to implement Salesforce Einstein Bot for your organization

Persistent Systems provides an enterprise-grade, end-to-end Einstein Bot implementation service that is cost effective and takes minimal time for development and deployment.

We have solved multiple conversational use cases for our clients in various industries including financial services, manufacturing, health care, and others, and helped reduce live agents’ efforts by up to 30%.

Our unique solution and architecture design approach for Einstein Bot along with our expertise and capabilities of the Salesforce ecosystem – plus our decade-long global partnership with Salesforce – makes us the ideal partner for Einstein Bot implementations for your organization.

Our Value Proposition

Figure 3. Persistent’s Value Proposition

“Sounds great, I’d like to get in touch with Persistent Systems. Who shall I contact?”
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