It may be a mouthful, but we like the sound of that headline! It’s been an amazing eight months since IBM InterConnect here in Las Vegas, when our CEO Anand Deshpande joined IBM Watson IoT GM Chris O’Connor to announce a partnership combining IBM’s Watson IoT capabilities with Persistent’s expertise around continuous engineering, analytics and enterprise digital transformation. IBM’s Raj Datta presented this award to Persistent during the ongoing World of Watson conference.

Anand with Chris and Panel

Chris wrote about the importance of this to IBM and you can read that here, but let me pull out a quote from Anand:

Quote from Anand

This announcement didn’t come out of the blue (came from Big Blue 🙂 ) and it further reinforces the deep 15-year relationship between our companies, reflected in the work of more than 2,000 of us, on IBM-related programs. It means the world to us that IBM recognized us with its Worldwide Watson Internet of Things Innovative Business Partner of the Year award. It’s a real validation of both Chris and Anand’s vision of what we can accomplish working together.

Let’s look at some of these accomplishments. Since February’s announcement, we have been accelerating our co-development of industry solutions using IBM products such as the Watson cognitive services, Watson IoT Platform, TRIRIGA and Maximo. This includes smart building solutions, where through the use of sensors and cameras, the availability of supplies in washrooms or the count of people in the building can be monitored; furthermore, the operational efficiency loop can be closed by using the work-order features in IBM’s facilities and asset management software – TRIRIGA and Maximo. We’re developing cognitive interfaces for automobiles and healthcare facilities, using IBM Watson technology for speech recognition and synthesis, text analytics and natural language processing, combined with access to enterprise and third-party data. This is all very cool stuff.

IBM WoW Card

It’s not just the buildings that are getting smart, it’s also what’s in the buildings. We are working on solutions that, for example, can aggregate washing machine operation data, mashed with sales and distribution data, to create dashboards for engineering or marketing managers. We have co-developed the integration of IBM Continuous Engineering tools in Watson IoT systems so that operational data from appliances or industrial equipment can inform the design of subsequent revisions of the products and systems.

Finally, as Chris announced, Persistent is IBM’s development partner for the Watson IoT Continuous Engineering / Continuous Lifecycle Management product suite. This includes providing professional services for IBM’s continuous engineering tools such as RTC, RQM and DOORS Next Generation – used by organizations that have large and distributed IoT development teams and need to abide by regulatory compliance rules. Persistent being the primary developer of these tools, provides professional services related to their use and integration with other products.

As Anand said in his post, “We’ve gone all in on this relationship.”

We’ve got lots to show you so be sure to stop by and see us at Booth 214 this week at the Cognitive Concourse at World of Watson in Las Vegas. After the conference, visit us at