Enterprises today are under tremendous pressure. What with the landscape resembling a Formula 1 race track, where speed, especially at the turns, determines success, any organization can be forgiven for feeling like a nylon-clad driver racing a flammable car through hoops of fire. Sounds exaggerated? Perhaps – but the demand on every organization to be first, fast, agile, innovative, and all of this simultaneously, is a huge one indeed. This is where a leading low code platform like OutSystems – one that enables rapid application development – can be a savior for enterprises, greatly reducing their burden.

As a trusted partner of OutSystems, Persistent Systems is leveraging this platform to create game-changing products and applications.

Here are 4 ways how we’re transforming ‘traditional’ into ‘software-driven’ in the blink of a pixel!

Disaster Housing Assistance – Driving home efficiency

During natural disasters, providing a roof over people’s heads is the first step towards getting them back on their feet. However, the housing assistance process is so laborious that it can feel like a disaster in itself. To navigate the multi-pronged challenges of eligibility verification, duplication avoidance, funds tracking, etc. we’ve built an innovative use-case which launches the superhero team of Robotic Process Automation, AI, ML, Blockchain and Data Analytics, from the powerful OutSystems platform.

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In this solution, an artificial (and friendly!) intelligence bot, named Persie, automates most of the processes and speeds up the delivery of funds. Machine Learning algorithms based on IBM Watson process the information collected by Persie and sort out eligible applicants by verifying their claims and legal documents. More importantly, this technology can identify the damage done, the repairs needed, and provide a ball-park cost. Lastly, by adding blockchain to the mix, we can now ensure the right usage of funds, thanks to restrictive cryptocurrency.

All in all, the Persistent solution makes sure that no brick is left unturned while rebuilding lives.

Bowl over potential customers with Pitchbook

Is your sales team working hard, trying to identify your company’s recent compliant products – from a lengthy list of products and their innumerable versions? Pitchbook comes to the rescue by putting your sales and product teams on the same page (pun intended)!

Pitchbook, which maximizes the power of OutSystems, ensures that sales presentations are accurate and effective while offering ready-made templates that can be leveraged during pitches. An added benefit? Sales reps no longer need to run around collecting information; they can instead use their time to zip around making pitches that score home runs!

Need a loan? Bank on our OutSystems powered platforms.

What’s more time consuming than applying for a loan? Waiting for the loan to get cleared! Current loan processes are riddled with challenges from start to finish, including automation, scalability, lengthy approval processes, complex paperwork, lack of 3rd party integrations, etc. Against this backdrop, building a smooth and speedy loan generation and automation process can seem to require super-human effort – or in other words, technological intervention! Taking advantage of the OutSystems platform, Persistent has built an innovative Loan Origination System (LOS), comprising both front-end and back-end processes. This enables the LOS to efficiently manage loan applications, integrations with other providers, notifications, etc. while fast-tracking loan approvals and disbursements.

With LOS, long loan lines will be history, as will stress lines for customers.

KYC app – Managing the A-Z of customer onboarding

You may Know Your Customer, but what you don’t know is when the rules and regulations will change next, obliging you (and your irate customer) to go through the complex onboarding process all over again. Or perhaps your business scope expands, requiring a new customer onboarding solution, which obliges you to onboard more costs too. To meet these challenges head-on, our highly configurable, rules-driven Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Onboarding solution can be easily modified and extended to support your new requirements. Thanks to this effective OutSystems-based solution, you can now Know Your Customer and keep them satisfied too.

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