Persistent Systems is ready and honored to host the Call for Code global challenge for the second time in India on September 20. The event is an opportunity for engineers, developers, and problem solvers to make an impact by creating innovative sustainability solutions leveraging IBM technologies.  

IBM launched the Call for Code global challenge in 2018 with creator David Clark Cause, in concert with charitable partner United Nations Human Rights, and program affiliate the Linux Foundation. In its sixth successful year, Call for Code encourages developers, students, and entrepreneurs globally to build and contribute to solutions that accelerate sustainability by improving resource management, reducing pollution, and protecting biodiversity. Last year’s Persistent-hosted event attracted a huge number of engineers who applied their collective talents to a variety of forward-thinking projects.

“We at Persistent are excited to host the second season of the Call for Code challenge in India. IBM and Persistent share a two-decade-long relationship that goes far beyond developing innovative solutions to help our clients grow and thrive.  We also work together to encourage the next generation of developers and problem solvers to resolve some of the most pressing issues that the world faces today. We are calling on teams from Persistent and elsewhere to leverage open innovation and develop technology solutions that address specific global sustainability problems in unique, clearly demonstrable ways. By bringing innovative minds under one umbrella through this global initiative, IBM and Persistent share a common vision —to make our planet a better place to live,” said Kuljesh Puri, Senior Vice President – Communication, Media and Technology Business Unit, Persistent at Persistent Systems.

The event provides an ideal opportunity for Persistent engineers to think beyond their day-to-day projects and leverage their expertise to come up with out-of-the-box ideas for issues impacting humanity.  Engineers will also have an opportunity to utilize various parts of the IT technology stack — cloud, security, AI, automation, etc. —while working together post the event.

By participating in the event, which will be held at Persistent’s Hinjewadi facility in Pune, engineers and innovators can build on existing skills and discover new ones in emerging technologies while solving real-world sustainability challenges. Teams will be recognized by IBM and Persistent communities for developing solutions with a chance to win $50,000 USD for their efforts. In addition to prizes, participants can expand their tech skills in AI, cloud, and other emerging areas by accessing expert technical mentors and training resources.

Highlights of Event
  • Learn about the opportunity to build a solution that can impact communities in need through deployment support from the Linux Foundation.
  • Discover Watsonx, IBM’s new Generative AI technology.
  • Gain insights from subject matter experts, academic luminaries, and Persistent leaders.
  • Hear from past winners about their Call to Code experiences and the solutions they developed.
  • Participate in a Design Thinking Workshop to get started with your solution idea.
Gain Insights from Industry Leaders
  • Keynote session by Dr. Anand Deshpande – Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems.
  • Keynote session by Sonali Deshpande – Founder, Chairman, Persistent Foundation.
  • Discussion with Dr. Medha H. Tadpatrikar (Director) Rudra Environmental Solution (India) Ltd.
  • Network with a community of developers, entrepreneurs, students, and problem solvers, including Persistent leadership, who share a passion for #techforgood.

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