Delivering highly personalized patient engagements is increasingly becoming an expectation, not just an incentive. The most significant roadblock towards creating personalized patient experiences, is siloed patient data. Salesforce CDP (Customer Data Platform) driven marketing automation platform aims to solve these challenges and empower marketers with tools to unify and segment patient data and execute highly targeted campaigns for select segments. The end result is a single source of truth that can help providers boost patient satisfaction and increase revenue across different service lines.

Let’s start with a few successful marketing innovations by healthcare providers in recent times

In the digital era, most healthcare consumers start their journey by finding and comparing providers online, usually through search. To cater to ever-changing patient needs, healthcare providers have come up with state-of-the-art marketing innovations. Here are a couple of examples of marketing innovations brilliantly executed by prominent healthcare providers –

  • Content marketing & omnichannel patient experience – One of the most prestigious US healthcare providers, Cleveland Clinic, has shown us how well-designed personalized content and omnichannel marketing can pave the way for enhanced patient engagement. Personalized omnichannel marketing helped Cleveland Clinic boost its web traffic from 0 to 67 million sessions in just 6 years and increasepatient engagement by 500% in the last 6 years.
  • Deeper patient segmentation & accurate targeting – Providence Health & Services has built a customer data platform (CDP) that offers 360-degree visibility of patients by integrating data from multiple data sources​. CDP enables the firm to develop targeted patient segments, leading to higher conversion rate, increased customer lifetime value, and improved marketing ROI.
What are the key marketing challenges in the healthcare provider industry?

The healthcare industry is comprised of companies that offer clinical services and play a key role in the diagnosis, treatment, nursing, and management of illness, disease, and injury with cutting-edge innovation. But this industry faces a lot of difficulties when it comes to marketing.  Here are some key marketing challenges that a healthcare firm faces –

How can a data-driven end-to-end marketing automation platform help a healthcare provider address these challenges?

In an industry riddled with fierce competition and increasingly complex regulations, a data-driven marketing automation platform can enable a firm to gain a competitive edge over others. Here are a few key benefits of a data-driven marketing automation platform that significantly addresses the challenges faced by healthcare providers –

1. Personalized patient experience – According to a Gartner article on top trends affecting the healthcare industry, focus on personalized patient experience is one of the top 12 healthcare trends with high impact.  An exhibit from the same article is presented below –

Marketing automation platforms offers seamless integration of the CRM, marketing, EMR system, and social media platforms. The integrated patient information enables healthcare providers to deliver personalized experiences to existing and new patients

2. Effective targeting strategy – Data-driven marketing automation platform exploits data to devise a highly accurate and effective targeting strategy. Higher targeting efficacy results in lower advertising expenses and higher conversion rates.

3. Omnichannel patient experience – A blog on healthcare marketing statistics published by Invoca suggests that over 60% of consumers researching nursing homes run a search before scheduling an appointment. The same blog also mentions that 94% of patients utilize online reviews to evaluate healthcare providers, and digital advertising accounted for 46% of all healthcare ad spend last year. An exhibit from the same blog is presented below –

These trends indicate that omnichannel patient engagement is poised to be the next chapter of healthcare marketing. To get a head start in omnichannel healthcare marketing, providers need to leverage a data-driven marketing automation platform that offers seamless and personalized omnichannel patient experiences to achieve multifold increase in consumer loyalty.

4. Tracking marketing performance – A data-driven marketing automation platform provides healthcare providers the unparalleled advantage of accurately tracking their campaign effectiveness. It also enables providers to continuously optimize the marketing mix to further increase ROI of marketing spends.

CDP-driven Salesforce Ecosystem augmented by predictive ML models: The best way to build a data-driven end-to-end marketing automation platform

The CDP-driven Salesforce Ecosystem can help a provider develop the ‘Golden Patient Profile’ — collecting and unifying all its patient data stored in multiple disparate systems and providing more intelligent, actionable, and trusted insights – to deliver the right content to the right patient on the right channel.

Here is why the CDP-driven Salesforce Ecosystem is the best way to build a healthcare marketing automation platform –

How Persistent’s ‘CDP for Providers’ offering can accelerate your marketing automation journey?

As a trusted Salesforce Partner for 18+ years, Persistent is a leader in designing, implementing, and driving transformational patient engagements. Persistent’s ‘CDP for Providers’ offering can enable a provider to harness the power of the CDP-driven Salesforce Ecosystem and predictive machine learning to accelerate its marketing automation journey and achieve highly increased marketing ROI.

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