The rallying call at this year’s Google Cloud Next held in San Francisco was “Generative AI for all.” With more than 160 new announcements, this is the “golden era of innovation,” according to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. Google claims 70% of Generative AI (GenAI) unicorns are built on its cloud stack, and the hyperscaler is clearly aiming for 100%. Let’s dive deep into how these developments impact Persistent and our clients’ Google Cloud initiatives in six simple takeaways.

  • Ecosystem-led approach to Vertex AI model garden: Vertex AI now offers access to more than 100 foundation models, including Meta’s Llama 2, Anthropic’s Claude 2, and TII’s Falcon, as well as Google’s text model PaLM 2, its GenAI-based coding companion Codey, and its text-to-image model Imagen.  At Persistent, open ecosystems are at the core of our engineering philosophy. We are also excited about the potential of Sec PaLM, Google’s foundational model for application security, and Med PaLM, its foundational model for healthcare.
  • An intelligent collaborator in Duet AI: Google introduced Duet AI for Google Workspace, an always-on collaborator, to help write emails, summarize action items, or deploy applications. Duet AI for Google Cloud Platform can create context-aware code on the go, offer code suggestions, or provide guidance to solve code problems. We are excited by the possibilities that Google Cloud’s Duet AI offers, and we look forward to embedding it in similar internal initiatives.
  • Unleashing Generative AI-powered creativity: In an interview with theCUBE during the event, our client, Dmitriy Khots, VP of Data Science at Notified, commented that it would be interesting to watch how GenAI can assist with real-time sentiment analysis and guide CFOs during earnings calls to tweak messages on the fly and talk about what interests investors at the moment. Watch the full discussion here.
  • The new way to do the old: We recently created an AI-powered workflow to identify cancer cells in a blood sample. It reduces the turnaround time for identification from eight hours to five minutes while saving 25% operational costs. Built on Google Cloud services, this solution can potentially change the course of cancer diagnosis worldwide, bringing fantastic accuracy and speed to the process. For our work, Google Cloud recognized Persistent as APAC’s 2023 Social Impact Partner of the Year.
    The new way to do the old
  • Start your AI journey now: On Day One of the event, Sameer Sethi, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Hackensack Meridian Health, jointly hosted a Cloud Talk Session with Asheesh Sharma on “Building Bold & Responsible Generative AI for Fast Business Impact,” saying: “With all new tools, AI has become very accessible and is already a big part of our routine life. Therefore, cultivating a future where AI adoption thrives responsibly is extremely critical; our organization embraces the ResponsibleAI framework to ensure ethical, transparent, and accountable artificial intelligence implementations.”
    Start your AI journey now
  • Scaling ideas with citizen developers: At Persistent, we believe the way forward to chart new territory quickly is to allow experimentation at scale. This is why, in line with Google’s democratizing push, we encourage our developers to experiment with GenAI to develop new ideas that could be scaled up as proof of concepts for our clients. Google Cloud’s exciting array of GenAI enablers at an enterprise level only bolsters our stand on fostering collective ideas.
To the next and beyond

We see many synergies evolving from the three-day event and are excited to work collaboratively with our clients as a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Click here to learn how Persistent is leveraging Google Cloud to launch GenAI solutions. We also offer a Generative AI deployment acceleration engagement program to assist clients that are taking their first steps with the technology. Register here for your own tailored session.