Having just completed our acquisition by Persistent, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the benefits that I truly believe this move has in store for our customers.

While CAPIOT has been around since 2014, we all came out of TIBCO with a deep understanding of application integration challenges. Technologies have come a long way in those 20 years since the inception of TIBCO, and today we see organizations of every size and industry looking to provide real-time information to their employees, customers, and partners to drive business growth and reduce operational costs.

Enterprises know that the way data is used throughout the business determines the value of the integration investment. There’s already plenty of data – the challenge is bringing it all together, building automated processes to integrate various types of data (master, reference, and transaction) across the organization on a business system and process level.

Many legacy systems are also working with integration technology that can be decades old. The lack of automated migration tools, team attrition, and poor documentation makes it hard for management teams to make decisions about migrating to new technology and standards to modernize their IT infrastructure.

Today we see an abundance of choices for enterprises and solution providers, which can cause confusion as every integration platform claims to be designed to simplify and boost delivery time to market. What they really need is a central integration platform to work across disparate applications and data sources. CAPIOT’s singular focus has always been in enterprise integration with key platform players like MuleSoft and TIBCO coupled with proprietary frameworks and common data models.

And this is the part that excites me the most, together with our solidified Salesforce ecosystem capabilities, we can start delivering immediate IT modernization value to customers in terms of:

  •  Enterprise integration strategy and advisory services to guide clients’ integration strategy, platform choice, and roadmap.
  • Implementing API-led integrations using specialists in leading integration platforms coupled with frameworks and industry-specific common data models to accelerate business outcomes.
  • Managed integration services to support changing business needs and innovation.
  • MuleSoft, TIBCO and API-led integration capabilities.

Learn more about CAPIOT Software’s capabilities – including how we’ve helped other enterprises address application integration challenges.

Additionally, you can read the press release announcing the acquisition here.

I look forward to meeting our customers to continue our application integration journey.