Enterprise Integration Strategy & Advisory

Enterprise Integration Strategy & Advisory

Achieve your business goals through Enterprise Integration.

Enterprise Integration is a necessity in the current times with every enterprise deploying increasing number of disparate applications for their business. Enterprise Integration helps these applications to seamlessly exchange data with each other and help generate a shared view. But this is easier said than done. In the journey towards achieving enterprise integration and data integration, there are several difficult decisions to be made with regards to integration strategy, choice of tools, selection of platforms, and defining a roadmap. Above all, these decisions need to in line with the business goals of the enterprise. This is where Persistent’s Enterprise Integration Strategy and Advisory can come in handy.

With our team of 1000+ integration experts with experience of executing 120+ integration strategy projects for many marquee clients across diverse industries, we are in a great position to help you navigate through your enterprise integration journey. We will help you link your integration strategy with your long-term business goals. We will identify your integration needs, tie them with your tools and platform choices, and define an enterprise integration roadmap. Going further, we continuously monitor the effectiveness of your integration strategy and help you recalibrate as needed.

  • Maximize value from your Enterprise Integration investments
  • Overcome complexity with actionable roadmap for data integration
  • Seamlessly integrate your Enterprise Integration journey with your business goals
  • Continuously monitor and recalibrate enterprise integration strategy to manage risks
  • Make your integration applications and platform choices future proof
  • Get the services of an expert partner who leads you through your enterprise integration journey
Why Persistent?
Deep Integration and Industry Expertise

Expertise in various cutting-edge enterprise and open-source integration technologies to deliver transformative integration solutions to an ever-evolving application landscape for diverse clients.

Automation and IP led

Minimize time to value through various pre-built and customized integration solutions that leverage automation and our technology IPs.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Close-knit partnerships with global application and integration service providers developed through decades of delivering state-of-the-art integration solutions.

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Driving Agility Through Enterprise Integration

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