As part of the digital transformation journey we take with clients, a key engagement is helping to drive IT modernization. Digital transformation can’t happen without the underlying foundation being updated, often integrated with existing legacy systems. Persistent has a wide range of offerings and methodologies to help guide such modernizations and of course we work with a number of critical partners as part of that process.

One of our newest partners is a leading data-as-a-service provider, Actifio. Together we accelerate our clients’ most pressing digital transformation projects, from data stack modernization to cloud analytics and cloud migration. Actifio speeds up all of those efforts, which is significant for any organization looking to leverage intensive amounts of data.

Data-as-a-service is a subject close to our heart – breaking down the traditional data siloes that exist across organizations in order to make a business truly data-driven.

Actifio also addresses the high cost and complexity of storage, licenses and multiple tools. It leverages public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure to accelerate testing for cloning via DevOps and improve SLAs for data backup and recovery.

The big differentiator with Actifio is its appeal to customers dealing with terabytes of data and who – like most enterprise organizations – can no longer afford any downtime. Not minutes, never mind hours or even days. A particular pain point these organizations must fix – exacerbated by multiple systems and data sources – is unacceptably slow backup and recovery.

We frequently talk to organizations going through digital transformation initiatives who must combine multiple legacy systems brought about by mergers and acquisitions, or are in need of a radical data architecture effort to improve business agility and efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

Integrating such massive amounts of data is a major concern for many IT departments, from DBAs to top leadership. Partnering with Actifio we can address these critical data management issues related to multiple backup systems and high availability costs from database vendors. In particular –

  • Data Protection – Incremental forever backup and instant mount technology for extremely low RPO (Recovery Point Objective to minimize data loss) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective – low tolerance for downtime).
  • Database Cloning – Continuous database replication enables self-service database cloning for developers, testers, and analytics teams without increasing storage consumption from all those copies.
  • Data to the Cloud – Assists with moving or migrating data to the cloud. Actifio’s solution works in private, hybrid and public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and others. This is an evolutionary step in the cloud migration strategy for many.

For many there’s one standout benefit with Actifio – taking back up times from days to hours, hours to even minutes. Some customer examples –

  1. Backup time window: Reduced backup window for 430TB of Oracle, MS SQL, and VMware from one day to one hour
  2. Instant recovery: 50TB+ MS SQL DB – one of largest in the world; Instant recovery in 16 minutes
  3. Cloning: Reduced cloning time for 30TB SAP Sybase DB from 2-3 weeks to one hour
  4. Storage cost reduction in addition to improved recovery time: Multi-Terabyte Oracle database recovery time slashed from more than 24 hours to minutes; backup storage data reduction ratio of 37:1.
  5. License cost reduction in addition to improved recovery time: Database recovery time reduced from several hours to 15 minutes – up to 90% faster; Securing SLAs with no need for additional Oracle Data Guard installations.

Ash Ashutosh, Actifio co-founder and CEO, said, “With Persistent’s global reach and strong technical capabilities, this partnership will help extend the benefits of Actifio technology into many digital modernization projects that need the assurance of their vital data being available on demand, re-used for DevOps, analytics, AI and machine learning or cloud migration. Persistent is a very well-regarded partner to enterprises around the world and Actifio is proud to be able to bring our capabilities into their engagements.”

If you’re handling terabytes of data, trying to leverage a cloud-based infrastructure, need to reduce the time it takes for backup and recovery and dealing with legacy database applications, then Persistent and Actifio can help find a way to modernize your IT infrastructure quickly.

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