Legacy System Migration Timelines Slashed using UNITY


A large US-based technology company accelerated the migration of a legacy system to a Ping-based platform by implementing self-service application onboarding using UNITY. This brought down initial onboarding timelines from weeks to hours.

The Challenge

The company’s legacy WAM solution had a large footprint within their infrastructure for supporting authentication and SSO for internal applications. They were planning to migrate to Ping and needed it to be done efficiently and in a manner that was minimally disruptive to applications and users.

The Solution

Persistent defined a co-existence strategy for the legacy WAM solution and Ping to provide a seamless application authentication and SSO experience during the migration phase.

Persistent used its UNITY WAM modernization framework to accelerate the migration of policies from the legacy WAM system to Ping. UNITY automated most of the migration of legacy WAM policies to Ping.

The UNITY framework was used as a policy workbench to support Policy CRUD (create, read, update and delete) activities for applications onboarded to Ping. The framework also provided a dashboard view of the application migration status for application and operations team.

The Result

Automated migration of more than a thousand applications resulted in 40% time and cost savings. UNITY’s dashboard view and policy workbench continue to be used post-migration to provide more efficient policy management for applications on Ping infrastructure.

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