Leading US retail pharmacy saves operational effort and cost by consolidating legacy directories

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Leading US Pharmacy reduces cost 50% by streamlining their Identity & Access Management system

Persistent’s Identity and Access Modernization Framework UNITY unifies user identities and applications into flexible and secure PingDirectory to streamline operations and costs.


LDAP directories had proliferated within the pharmacy’s security infrastructure leading to significant operational and cost overhead.

Trying to modernize its infrastructure, it ended up with multiple technologies resulting in an inconsistent user experience.

Multiple siloed experiences created confusion among users and increased help desk calls, leading to productivity losses and support challenges.


Persistent assessed the state of the LDAP directories at the pharmacy and came up with a roadmap for directory consolidation, outlining a multi-step, phased approach:

  • Creating a new LDAP (PingDirectory) infrastructure to establish co-existence with existing LDAP directories.
  • A migration through a UNITY-based self-service application onboarding pilot application and later all applications.
  • Decommissioning the legacy LDAP directories.
  • 50% cost savings and operational overhead.
  • Implementing UNITY cut the operation teams’ effort by 75% with the help of the application onboarding dashboard and self-service capabilities.
  • Over 1000 applications were successfully onboarded to Ping – reducing load on the operations team by 75% for application onboarding.
  • Introduced centralized authentication across enterprise and mobile applications.
  • Decreased time to production by 3x.
  • Increased activity tracking and audit.
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