Client Success

Accelerated Migration of a Legacy Data Warehouse


Leading provider of mortgage and real-estate marketplace solutions needed to reduce high
data warehouse operating costs and centralize reporting.  

  • High operating cost of on-prem data platforms, Oracle Exadata, led to desire to migrate to pay-per-use cloud infrastructure.
  • Multiple ETL tools hampered centralized reporting.
  • No possibility of “as-is” migration from Exadata to Snowflake using Oracle’s  cursor-based row-by-row processing.


  • Developed migration procedures with bulk load to address Oracle’s cursor-based processing.
  • Single view of Exadata architecture. Eliminated non-standard nomenclature from schema names. Clear demarcation between staging, data warehouse and datamart layers that was previously lacking.
  • An entirely new data warehouse architecture with Snowflake. Consolidated all ETL tools – Perl, Informatica, Pentaho, Talend into Rivery.
  • Detailed trainings on Snowflake and Rivery.


customer tenants

migrated from Oracle Exadata to Snowflake

Centralized reporting

and cut down high on-prem operating costs

Simplified configuration

of additional customer and service lines

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