Client Success

BI stack modernization


  • Client is a major construction company. Application consolidates data for all Companies to create an excel based output for each entity. These format are consistent across all subsidiaries.
  • Application output (excel file) for each subsidiary is sent to third party company by file exchange system. The third party generates PowerBI report as insights.
  • The client wanted to create a cloud-based data store where it can migrate existing business data and reports.
  • Expect to enhance security for financial & marketing data; at rest and over wire.


  • Persistent team designed and developed forward-looking Snowflake based Datawarehouse & Visualization system.
  • Based on client’s data load & performance SLA’s, we recommended a cost-effective virtual warehouse size.
  • Python based solution to parse Excel files from on-premise server location; further data Ingested into Snowflake Warehouse
  • Integrated Snowflake with ‘Box’; Cloud based file storage to store the files


Data for 10+ Subsidiaries

Automated the manual data integration

20% savings

Data Processing Costs

Modern and Scalable

Data warehousing Solution

10+ reports

In Power BI automated

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