Client Success

Data monetization in a regulated industry


  • The client is an end-to-end technology platform provider offering mortgage origination to settlement workflow, data and services for nearly half of the U.S. residential mortgage market.
  • Enable real-time mortgage data and self-service analytics for brokers, underwriters and lenders.
  • Data monetization to compete with FinTechs that offer easy credit and financing options.
  • Regulatory compliance requiring documents to be shared 3 days in advance.


  • Data Stack Modernization using AWS.
  • Ensured data monetization through an Insights platform.
  • Aggregate data from all lenders, scrub it for data privacy and present it to each client through a series of analytics, benchmarking, and peer insights targeted for end consumption by business leaders.
  • Pre-built reports to identify sub-prime lenders and near-prime lenders across counties.


GB data

successfully migrated to the cloud

million per annum

saved with 60+ services migrated to cloud


with regulations ensuring zero downtime

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    You can also email us directly at