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From Chaos to Cohesion: Global Credit Insurance Provider Overcomes Complex Challenges with Oracle Identity Manager

A 90-year-old global credit insurance company providing trade credit insurance, surety, collections, and information services to businesses in over 50 countries.

The Challenge

When a client approached us, they were grappling with several challenges related to their Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). Another organization initially developed the product, and the client needed someone to take ownership of it. With many siloed units and multiple stakeholders across various entities, managing user provisioning and access control was messy and poorly utilized.

The client also faced a backlog of tickets, averaging 120, related to the need for customization of recently integrated applications. Several applications remained outside of OIM management, further complicating matters. These challenges created a complex, fragmented system and hindered the client’s ability to operate efficiently

The Solution

The client turned to Persistent to take ownership of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM). Our team provided leadership and found innovative solutions to help clear the client’s backlog and prioritize incoming tickets.

Persistent started by analyzing the incoming tickets and developed four areas of focus, sorting new tickets based on context and routing them accordingly. Additionally, we integrated new applications into the existing OIM solution and provided customization to ensure they worked seamlessly with the client’s business processes.

Persistent’s long-term relationship with the client helped the team tailor support to their unique needs and build a system that exceeded their expectations. By taking a collaborative approach and providing expert guidance, Persistent transformed the client’s IT infrastructure and provided them with the tools to succeed. The result was a more streamlined and efficient system allowing the client to focus on the most important thing: running their business.

The Outcome

Persistent’s solution addressed the immediate challenges and provided long-term benefits to help the client thrive. By increasing the integration of applications, Persistent significantly improved the overall end-user experience, delivering a more in-depth identity management solution that allowed for better user provisioning and access control.

The impact was immediate. The ticket backlog was virtually eliminated, dropping from 120 to just 6. Organized processes helped manage the inflow, ensuring orderly assessment and timely remediation of tickets. As a result of the changes we made, the client was better postured for a seamless merger, a critical factor in their continued growth and success.

Technology Used
  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)

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