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A global technology leader saves 40% cost of IAM modernization through UNITY

Leveraging domain expertise, automation and self-service capabilities, UNITY – a WAM modernization framework – slashes timelines and cost of legacy WAM migration to Ping-based platform.


The company’s large, legacy WAM footprint supporting authentication and SSO for internal applications was proving inefficient.

They planned to migrate from legacy (OAM) to a next-generation platform – PingDirectory.

While at 20% completion of migration by themselves, they realized;

  • The disruption in business operation was too much and the teams were being stretched thin with priorities and a repetitive migration process.
  • They needed to accelerate the remaining 80% completion of migration seamlessly, with minimal dowmtime.
  • This required the development and optimization of tools/scripts and other automation mechanisms to improve the speed and quality of migrations.

Prior to moving ahead with completing the migration, the current disruption had to be fixed.

  • Persistent optimized a co-existence strategy for the legacy WAM solution and Ping.
  • Defined process controls to provide transparent and disruption-free migration for users.
  • Provided a seamless application authentication and SSO experience during the migration phase.

The existing migration mechanism lacked automation and visibility.

  • UNITY – Persistent’s Identity and Access Migration Framework – did all the heavylifting by automating tedious processes like policy migration, application onboarding, etc. from the legacy system to Ping.
  • The framework provided a dashboard view of the application migration status for application and operations team.

Over 1000 applications successfully onboarded to Ping. Automation resulted in time and cost savings of approximately 40%.

UNITY’s dashboard view and policy workbench continue to be used post-migration to provide more efficient policy management for applications on the Ping infrastructure.

Brought down initial onboarding timelines from weeks to hours.

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