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How a global leader in access management increased competitiveness by migrating to AWS

Learn how a global leader in privileged access management migrated to AWS multi-tenant SaaS-based platform to cut TCO and complexity of three legacy systems, remain competitive.


  • The client needed a scalable, modern, multi-tenant SaaS-based universal privilege management platform to remain competitive.
  • The client also required enhanced access management capabilities for cloud environments


  • Leveraged microservices with a containerized and serverless architecture on AWS to increase flexibility and scalability.
  • Implement DevOps automation for easy integrations and quick deployments
  • Enable secure credentials management, sessions management, real-time policy decisions, CICD with support for machine learning on events data from various assets


  • Faster time-to-market using DevOps automation
  • One stop solution for both on-prem and cloud assets
  • Effective deployment management for multi-tenant SaaS platform

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