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Unique Solution Framework Streamlines Business Processes for Multinational Financial Services Company

Publicly traded multinational financial services company and leading provider of online trading services offers a comprehensive trading platform for equities, options, futures, and foreign exchange.

The Challenge

Our client faced several challenges with their existing Identity solution, including user experience and usability. While Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) was operational, the interfaces were complicated, and navigating them was frustrating for users.

Business processes struggled to adapt to the product, which resulted in inefficiencies and wasted time. The platform lacked a dynamic form request, preventing the client from utilizing custom fields to collect necessary data. The base product’s inability to support the collection of additional attributes left them with limited options. It also didn’t show all business processes, causing further headaches.

The Solution

Persistent developed a powerful solution for our client’s identity and access management challenges. The team implemented Ignite, an in-house user experience workflow-based interactive tool designed specifically for enterprise users. Ignite interfaced with Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), dramatically improving the end-user experience by simplifying the UI.

To further meet the client’s unique needs, Persistent created a unique solution framework, the JSON ingestion process, which allowed for customizing forms with unique fields. This streamlined the process and allowed application managers to self service new custom forms after the initial engagement, eliminating costly and time-consuming customization projects. With Ignite, our client now has a seamless user experience, streamlined business processes, and the ability to customize their solution to meet their evolving needs.

The Outcome

Persistent’s solution had a measurable impact on our client’s business, giving them greater visibility and control over their business flow. With the improved user experience, they realized a 50% increase in the number of applications onboarded into their identity platform. This was a significant achievement, providing substantial flexibility and the ability to scale their operations.

Additionally, the customized solution Persistent provided allowed the client to achieve functionality beyond the capability of the base product, streamlining business processes and increasing efficiency. Persistent’s solution has given the client a competitive edge, positioning them for continued growth and success.

Technology Used
  • Ignite
  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)

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