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Large home healthcare provider leverages RPA platform to automate payment processing


The client was highly dependent on manual payment processes and the resulting difficulties in track & trace of payments. The client also faced integration issues with Mainframe systems.

  • Streamlining of payment requests received through emails.
  • Implementation of a rule-based payment release process.
  • Difficulty in integrating with legacy Mainframe systems.
  • Reduce dependency on manual payment processing and cost savings in terms of manpower and time efforts.
  • Inability to track and trace which payment requests completed successfully.


  • Leverage the robotics process automation platform to develop and automate payment processing and reconciliation process.
  • Integration with legacy Mainframe applications to provide seamless email parsing and triggering payment requests.
  • Automation of email parsing to read documents from inboxes.
  • Retrieved case status from Mainframe transactions and notified business users via email.
  • Auto-generation and emailing of reports.


9000+ records

processed monthly

Zero manual efforts

post solution implementation

100% data accuracy

in audit and business reports

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