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Persistent builds a robust cloud-based platform for tissue diagnostics company to help improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide

As a leading innovator and enabler of tissue-based cancer diagnostic solutions, the client provides comprehensive solution for thorough analysis of tissue biopsies to healthcare professionals worldwide.

Through discovering, developing, and delivering medical diagnostic systems and biopsy-based cancer tests, the client aims to shape the future of healthcare and cast a hope for cancer patients to fight and survive the malignant ailment.

Need for a highly scalable platform to digitally connect data with researchers

In the quest for providing healthcare professionals with a complete solution for all critical steps involved in the analysis of tissue biopsies, the client wanted a solution focused around presenting useful cancer data such as digitized pathology images on the web.

The client wanted the platform to aid exchange of knowledge, ideas, and innumerable cases triggering discussion to further evolve the dimension of healthcare research to improve cancer treatments, laboratory efficiency, and patient well-being. The solution required the following capabilities to ensure a comprehensive, dynamic platform:

  • The solution needed to enable easy collaboration over digitally scanned tissue images on web:

    The client seeks to maximize the value of clinical research with easy collaboration to improve disease understanding and quality of life of cancer patients. To facilitate this, the client wanted to bring researchers, pathological groups, and other industry participants together on a common platform to collaborate on the scanned microslides – the tissue samples of cancer patients in digital format.

  • The solution needed to be highly scalable and provide hassle free access: 

    Microslides with tissue samples were scanned to produce massive image files which were several hundred megabytes in size, taking several hours to download. With approximately 5 GB data getting generated with every microslide, the client wanted a scalable solution to facilitate hassle free access to vast amount of data.

Expediting the research processes through instant collaboration and easy access

The client wanted to digitally store samples from cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials and seamlessly connect it with the platform. They wanted to build microsites based on the main platform for its clients such as pathological groups, universities, and labs.

As a trusted digital consulting partner, Persistent evaluated several alternatives and chose to devise a cloud-based solution that could help researchers and scientists collaborate and look for biopsies whose expressions correlates with a positive or poor outcome. Persistent, in partnership with the client, delivered the solution that helps researchers, clinicians, and pathologists identify patients’ who could benefit most from a particular therapy. The solution has been a stepping stone for the client to one of the holy grails in current healthcare scenario, that is, ‘Personalized Healthcare.’ The true value of personalized healthcare is intact with its mission to saving lives and improving quality of life of the patients. The solution is currently:

  • Bringing information and researchers together on a single platform:

    The platform has already transformed into one of the largest digital pathology communities. It caters to the vast community of pathologists in the healthcare industry who access clinical data in digital format on web to investigate and annotate. For example, a pathologist can post a comment on an area of the slide or even a specific cell, and create a link to the comment and image and share it with a colleague sitting miles away. The solution has enabled exchange of knowledge, ideas, and innumerable cases, along with discussion and further research on them.

  • Highly scalable and easy to access:

    The biopsies are captured, scanned, and saved on the platform with highest image quality to be viewed by the clinicians, researchers, and medical students. The solution is highly scalable and maintains the database of these samples to be quickly and easily accessed by the platform users.

Persistent delivered a scalable infrastructure that the organization can extend to other research projects, institutes, organizations, and partners. The solution is configurable, easy to use, and flexible.

The platform helps the client to provide digital pathology solutions which benefit patients, clinicians, researchers, and medical students. The availability of biopsies in microslides in a digitized form through ‘Image Viewer,’ is path-breaking in the world of pathology. True to its mission of making work productive, engaging, and meaningful for all, Persistent has helped the client play a pioneer in maximizing the value of collaborative clinical research and help improve disease understanding.

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