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Persistent builds an efficient, cloud-based system for Urja Disha to design safe and reliable pressure vessels

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Established in 2003, Urja Disha is a provider of boiler technology to steam utility industry.  Their mission is to provide excellent quality design and engineering services for steam generators and power plants. They envision to be the leading technologist in the field of fired and unfired steam generators.

Engineering challenge: Deliver safe, reliable, and efficient boiler designs in reduced time and costs

We needed an automated solution that could improve accuracy and reduce time taken to build a safe and reliable 3D boiler design models

Sachin Sangamnerkar, Technology Head, Urja Disha Boiler Technologies

Over the years, Urja Disha has been providing reliable and efficient boiler technologies to steam generation systems. Urja Disha was challenged with delivering safe, reliable, and efficient boiler designs in reduced time and costs. The company faced other numerous challenges to provide a reliable pressure vessel design system for their customers.

Web based 3D modelling product that automates processes: Urja Disha wanted a cloud based solution that automates step by step guidance to design a vessel and other processes such as calculations by using various codes and fundamentals.

Build a simplified 3D design model in lesser time:  The company wanted to simplify and deliver efficient 3D design engineering quickly and accurately.

Accurate reports/calculations: Urja Disha wanted the solution to automatically analyze, calculate values, and generate accurate code and noncoded calculation reports.

Engineering simplified: Our advice to build cloud-based solution helps engineers rapidly design and develop safe and economical vessels

“The delivered solution helps us meet the demand for highly complicated vessel designs for variable pressure and temperature and operating conditions. MAWP brings out the best in our engineers.”, adds Sangamnerkar.

Urja Disha partnered with us to create a comprehensive cloud-based solution called MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure). MAWP is a complete SaaS (Software as a Service) which provides engineers, designers, estimators, fabricators and inspectors with complete design capabilities of vertical and horizontal vessels based on ASME codes.

MAWP empowers pressure vessel design organization, reducing time to design the pressure vessel while cutting costs and improving both customer and user satisfaction.

The solution helps engineers design pressure vessels in a step-by-step process and provides guidance to select the appropriate materials required. MAWP automatically analyzes, calculates values and generates code and noncoded calculation reports.

A simplified 3D design model in much lesser time and costs: By the power of wizard based User Interface, engineers can design the pressure vessel quickly and accurately. MAWP provides value and savings unmatched by other pressure vessel designing software — from greater efficiency to lower subscription costs.
Automated processes: MAWP automates the design process and removes hassles such as detecting maximum allowed working pressure, hydro test pressure and stresses during test and minimum required thickness.
Inbuilt Data Bank: MAWP automatically accesses the built in databank of over 8000 ASME material along with their properties like allowable stresses, yield strength, modulus of elasticity. It also has inbuilt dimensional standards for various components like Pipes, Flanges, Nuts, Bolts, etc.
Automatic Updates: Software updates are automatically pushed, eliminating time-consuming computer-by-computer maintenance and updates.

Quick Multiple Reports: MAWP automatically analyzes, calculates values and generates code and noncoded calculation reports. Powerful reporting feature is the key to result-driven vessel design. MAWP generates other reports as well which are helpful for estimating and planning procurement.

With the help of MAWP, engineers can design wide variety of vessels and vessel components in accordance with the ASME Code MAWP evaluates the vessel, analyzing the effects of vessel maximum weight and effects of wind and seismic loads and helps in analyzing its operating environment and ensures proper design of the vessel. Based on external and internal load applicable on the vessel it also calculates along with operating, wind and seismic loads.

MAWP helped Urja Disha move beyond the hassles of desktop software. The solution is highly interactive and helps design engineers substantially reduce time taken to design pressure vessels with maximum allowed working pressure, hydro test pressure and minimum required thickness.

Solution Highlights
  • Intuitive and easy to use cloud-based solution
  • Smart reporting capabilities 
  • ASME code integration
  • No maintenance costs

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