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Persistent helps Ittiam redefine the power of communication with Google Cloud

MediaAgility was acquired by Persistent in May 2022 and its capabilities form the foundation for Persistent’s Google Business Unit. As a Google Cloud Partner and a strategic IT Transformation services provider, the Google Business Unit is focused on delivering transformational services with cloud-native solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant and benefit from the public cloud platform capabilities.

Ittiam Systems is a global technology company and leading provider of digital media solutions that cater to the unique requirements of the online video segment. It specializes in multimedia solutions for seamless video distribution and delivery, ranging from content creation to consumption.

Taking a leap from regular text chats to interactive group interactions

With more than a dozen social media platforms cropping up in the digital space, it gets tough to garner the attention of the audience to one platform. Social media applications suffer a rise and fall in consumer interest. What keeps an app competitive is the ability of a platform to innovate and bring value to the users. The platforms that fail to impact users’ lives get petered out.

Ittiam wanted a social media application that could bring back the moments of shared laughter, joy, and togetherness for users. With tons of visuals to share and talk about, communication has come a long way from simple text messages. Ittiam envisioned delivering a high touch interactive conversation within a personal network for users as if they were all in the same place at same time.

  1. Enable easy collaboration: The solution needed to bring together the best of social networking and messaging and take it to the next level of real-time interaction. The solution needed to provide the right features to help users interact and collaborate hassle-free. The application should be dynamic enough to serve the purpose of everyday interaction between friends or help business users to provide remote support and consultation for businesses.  
  2. Ensure high availability and accessibility with security: The application must also facilitate real-time conversations over pictures, posts, and YouTube. Hence, it needed to be secure, available, and accessible with communication, coordination, and social functions tightly integrated.

In the age dominated by messaging, share and view-at-convenience, our goal was to bring back the joy of committing and sharing time together over content and voice and in real time. It was great to work with Media Agility (acquired by Persistent Systems) to realize our goal.

Sattam Dasgupta, Senior Vice President, Ittiam Systems


MediaAgility (acquired by Persistent Systems) played a key role in building Tribeway, especially in developing a scalable and reliable cloud platform. We could successfully deploy the mobile and cloud based real-time service smoothly and without any downtime.

Anil Kumar, Senior Manager, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Ittiam Systems

Ittiam chose to work with MediaAgility, which was acquired by Persistent Systems in May 2022 to form its Google-focused business unit (GBU), to build critical functionalities on the cloud for Tribeway, an app that met their two-point requirement. As a system of engagement based on Google Cloud Platform, users can quickly collaborate with their personal connections – collectively called a tribe – in pursuit of sharing their moments of joy and togetherness when they are miles apart.

At the heart of the application is the interaction within a personal circle. It is designed to bring together the best of social networking and messaging. It is all about active interactions with pictures and videos and not just passive file sharing. For example, a tribe can connect over a picture or video and everything that is talked about the captured moment is recorded as a crisp conversation. So, users feel no need to spend time searching for all the comments made about a picture. They are all neatly stored as conversations.

  1. Hassle-free collaboration: Tribeway enables users to do much more than messaging and video chatting. With Tribeway, users can:
    • Have a real-time discussion around the pictures as they talk on the HD voice call with one or more people
    • Share their story – share pictures and even posts with multiple pictures
    • Point, zoom, and pan the pictures as they discuss it
    • Collate all the messages around a picture as a conversation which can be viewed in one shot
    • Alert friends – So that they do not miss out on a conversation, video, or picture
  2. Accessibility with security: The content-based application for communication, networking, and live interaction has been helping users run smooth conversations with over 10 people in a tribe. The Google Cloud Platform-powered solution enables users to easily share content such as text messages, pictures, and videos. The content remains personal to the users and remains on Google Drive or their own phone.

The idea to enable real-time interaction with an underlying social networking framework, which was exceptionally reliable and scalable was challenging, yet exciting! We successfully achieved that with Google Cloud Platform. Ittiam provided a clear roadmap for Tribeway, and we were determined to deliver it with the app running on latest digital technologies.

Kamal Puri, Google Business Unit, Persistent Systems.

Note: The application is currently off air

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