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Client Success

Leading Pharma company intelligently automates workflow to reduce patient wait time

Persistent’s Health Cloud expertise brought the consultative and implementation capabilities required to help the client achieve all-round efficiency. The client rapidly saw improved CX and efficiency gains across all functions owing to an agile model of delivery.


The client had to grapple with several time and labor intensive processes leading to a delay in communication across stakeholders. The manual nature of several workflows led to limited flexibility in the existing reimbursement hub to incorporate new business processes & rules. The client also needed architecture standardization.


Persistent introduced a Salesforce Health Cloud based solution to enable,

  • Streamlined process applications and end-to-end online workflow systems
  • Flexible and configurable systems for standardization and streamlining of services, processes and systems for various stakeholders
  • Integration with several third-party systems to provide real-time customer information, communication and activities
  • Efficiency gains across all functions leading to reduced patient wait time
    (Hold time, response time)
  • Faster and better customer service
  • Agile Delivery model with each release of 6 weeks including Development, Dry Run, Formal QA and Production Deployment
  • Metrics driven performance management for schedule and quality
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