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RL Khanna and Company moves to Google Apps for Work

MediaAgility was acquired by Persistent in May 2022 and its capabilities form the foundation for Persistent’s Google Business Unit. As a Google Cloud Partner and a strategic IT Transformation services provider, the Google Business Unit is focused on delivering transformational services with cloud-native solutions that enable businesses to stay relevant and benefit from the public cloud platform capabilities. 

Established in 1914, RL Khanna and Company are experts in the houseware Industry. The company is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of textiles and home furnishing goods. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, the firm has a widespread overseas export market in Middle East, USA, Australia, and Western Europe. The renowned traders deal in a wide array of products like Textiles and Home Furnishing goods. The suppliers to classic handicraft items have an employee base of 500+ dedicated professionals.x

The challenge

RL Khanna and Company was facing collaboration and software challenges on using customary styled IT system and tools. Managing a huge workforce and staff of over 500 experts had become a rather demanding task. The patchy framework had to be abolished. In other words, the organization needed a cost effective yet amicable and employee-friendly framework

The manufacturers were managing their mailboxes using the qmail server while many employees had their data on MS Outlook. With the intention of eradicating communication barriers, maintaining a social rapport with the outside world, organizing important data at one place safely and securely, the traders wanted to see themselves at par with the ease and efficiency that comes with cloud-based tools available in the market.

The solution

The company evaluated many solutions that would serve their need of the hour. They inspected the utility and security aspect of all cloud-based solutions before deciding to engage with Persistent for Google Apps for Work company-wide implementation.

We are a company of visionaries and are receptive to new technologies. Always on a look out for tools and processes that help us work more efficiently. MediaAgility (now part of Persistent), our strategic technology partner, recommended us Google Apps for Work and I can say we made the right decision to switch

Naveen Singh, IT in charge, RL Khanna and Co.

We are a Google Apps for Work partner and advised the management at the company to take an executive decision which would enable better work environment and systems for the employees by switching to Google Apps. As a strategic advisor, we provided remote administrative trainings to this trading firm. The decision to move to new age technology helped the enterprise firm deal with communication barriers and manage piles of data. Security concerns were a thing of the past.

The result

Google Apps for Work is an email, cloud storage, and collaboration tool. The cloud giant offerings include:

  • Gmail – a 30GB email storage solution
  • Hangouts – voice and video chat availability with up to 30 people
  • Calendar – smartly schedule and organize your team meetings
  • Google Drive – store, sync and share files with as much ease
  • Admin – protect data while you configure security settings.

The workforce at RL Khanna and Company was totally revived after we introduced the new age technology tools in form of Google Apps for Work.

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