New HfS Report Attests to Persistent
Systems’ Growing Momentum in
Salesforce Ecosystem

Persistent Systems, a Salesforce Certified Platinum Partner, is among the select companies featured in HfS Blueprint Report: Salesforce Services 2017. The report outlines trends in service delivery, and profiles twelve of the leading service providers in this increasingly dynamic market segment. It identified key selection criteria which included the ability to understand enterprise clients’ business imperatives and provide timely and flexible services.

The Blueprint reports that Persistent’s Salesforce services business is in the high growth stage, with the company investing in all the right areas to achieve success.

Early this year, Persistent achieved the Salesforce Platinum Consulting partner status. Persistent has been a member of the Salesforce Partner Program for the past eight years. Persistent has successfully completed more than 350 projects on the Salesforce platform with customer satisfaction score of 9.51/10, according to HfS’ data.

Persistent Systems serves clients in many industry sectors, with a strong focus on healthcare. They invest in tools, including a healthcare accelerator tool, and the Physician and Patient Relationship Management, which has Fullforce Industry Solution designation. Moreover, Persistent helps drive innovation within the Salesforce development community, where it helps software vendors to develop SaaS products using the Salesforce platform.

– Khalda De Souza,
HFS Research Director

We’re thrilled that Persistent Systems is recognized as an important Salesforce partner by HfS and is helping companies connect with their customers in entirely new ways. We work closely with Persistent to ensure our mutual customers benefit from their proven healthcare industry expertise with the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Success Platform.

– Don Lynch,
SVP Worldwide Alliances Salesforce

Highlights about Persistent Systems from the
HFS Report

Product Development Expertise

Persistent Systems has more than 20 years of experience in product development. For the past 8+ years, it has been helping the software vendors, which Salesforce calls its App Innovation Partners to develop their SaaS products using the Salesforce App Cloud. This demonstrates commitment to the Salesforce services ecosystem.

Customer Satisfaction & Strong Resources

Persistent Systems achieves a high customer satisfaction score on the Salesforce AppExchange website, as well as a top 3 average customer satisfaction score in this Blueprint report. Persistent Systems was the only services provider in the Blueprint to achieve 10/10 from all clients for the strength of resources and getting access to the right resources at the right time.

Highly rated in the Blueprint for

  • Quality of account management
  • Strong resources
  • Incorporate client feedback
  • Vision for Salesforce effectiveness

Salesforce is a phenomenal partner and that’s certainly reflected in this report from HfS. Being a Platinum Partner has allowed us to work closely with Salesforce in driving our vision of Software 4.0 – a world in which organizations move from being software-enabled to being software-driven. Healthcare is one of the most compelling areas for this. We’ve both collaborated with Salesforce in the early development and deployment of Salesforce Health Cloud and solutions, and we’re using it to work on cutting edge projects around the world.

– Sudhir Kulkarni,
President Digital, Persistent Systems

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