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The industry-wide imperative of improving healthcare while reducing costs can only be achieved by uniquely combining applied technology innovations with the transformation of processes in healthcare. For example, the ability of healthcare process owners to make data- and knowledge-driven decisions can significantly reduce variability in care, improve efficiency in operations, and engage with patients to provide better outcomes.

By bringing different technologies together, participants across healthcare and life sciences project themselves meaningfully and differently to a broader set of constituents. We drive transformational programs for our customers with industry solutions, and we bring close partnerships with leading health systems to jointly create, validate, and market innovations for the industry.

Healthcare and Lifesciences

Data-related projects and programs are the heart of an organization’s ability to introduce new products and services at a faster pace, optimize costs, and operate processes most efficiently. We help organizations achieve these outcomes by developing their data and governance strategy, building infrastructure to digitize data, and building AI and cognitive applications on top of data.

Molecular Biology And Analytical Instruments

Genomics & Multiomics Data Analysis & Integration

Helping build end-to-end bioinformatics and software solutions for Genomics/Multi-omics data analysis and integration for variant annotation, genotype-phenotype correlations & Biomarker identification for precision medicine

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software product engineering services

Life Sciences Innovation and Engineering

Helping build products for leading instrument vendors that generate, analyze, and manage data generated from instruments, Salsify existing products or integrate next-gen digital technologies in the product

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Reimagining Patient Experiences via Pivot Labs

Bringing strategy, data science-based discovery, implementation, and real-life validation capability for industry players that deliver products and solutions for patients.




Partners Healthcare

Renalytix AI

Persistent Systems helps RenalytixAI bring Kidney diagnostic solutions to market faster

Persistent Systems teams with Mount Sinai for 3rd Annual Health Hackathon

Margaret Coughlin of Mount Sinai Health System on how AI is helping predict the needs of the patient and deliver customized patient experience

The Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech fights Ebola and Zika with high-performance analytics from Persistent

Johns Hopkins and Persistent harness IoT to detect and control infectious disease outbreaks in real-time

Persistent and eNre together are leveraging the power of digital to clinical trials by enabling patient engagement and eventually reducing time to bring patients into a trial

Luis Rocha, of Indiana University Bloomington, explains the new software driven approach to medical research

Hackensack University Medical Center (UMC) transform patients’ digital interactions by leveraging Big Data

Persistent supports REACHnet’s efforts around patient-centered comparative effectiveness research by developing an innovative digital platform

News & Views

Vitamin B12: one carbon metabolism, fetal growth and programming for chronic disease.

Persistent Systems contributing Rs. 25 Crores ($3.3M) in support of COVID-19 efforts globally

Implementation Services for Salesforce COVID-19 Response Solution

Persistent Nurse Triage Solution for COVID-19


FusionHub: A unified web platform for annotation and visualization of gene fusion events in human cancer


BioGyan: A Tool to Identify Gene Functions from Literature.


Integrated Computational Solution for Predicting Skin Sensitization Potential of Molecules.


Identification of Optimum Sequencing Depth Especially for De Novo Genome Assembly of Small Genomes Using Next Generation Sequencing Data


Vitamin B12: one carbon metabolism, fetal growth and programming for chronic disease.

Using a Data Catalog to Support Precision Medicine

Whitepaper: Care Pathways: How the digital route enables algorithm driven medicine

Data-Driven Population Health Management -The Key To Improved Patient Outcomes

Rahul Patel – Healthcare, Persistent Systems discusses the incredible potential of XR on the delivery of patient care

Digital Transformation leads Artel to set new standards for fast, error-free lab testing

Health Data Management

Sawad Thotathil explains how telemedicine has the potential to disrupt care delivery with the help of virtual medicine technology and mobile health devices


Digital twins: The future of healthcare delivery and improved patient experience


Whitepaper: Digital Twins in Healthcare

How Genome Sequencing, AI And Pay-For-Performance Delivery Drive Precision Health

How Hackathons Help Solve Complex Problems – Faster

How AI can fit into Healthcare’s priorities in 2019

Hackathons: They’re not just for Computer Programmers anymore

American Hospital Association

How You’re Transforming: Partners HealthCare

American Bar Association

Partners HealthCare Announces New Center of Excellence

Open Standards And Health Care Transformation: It’s Finally Delivering On The Value It Promised

Partners HealthCare and Persistent Systems open center of excellence for preventive care, chronic care

Partners HealthCare to build new center of excellence, with focus on patient experience

Partners HealthCare launches new center of excellence

Partners HealthCare to build new center of excellence, with focus on patient experience with Persistent Systems


Persistent Systems, Partners HealthCare launch new center of excellence

Persistent Systems, Partners HealthCare launch new center of excellence

Partners HealthCare Teams with Persistent Systems to Scale Innovations

Partners Healthcare Launches New Center Of Excellence

Partners HealthCare Launches New Center of Excellence

Persistent Systems brings Digital Transformation to Clinical Care with Partners Healthcare

Times of India

Persistent Systems acquires Herald Health

In Collaboration with Persistent Systems, Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs Will Reimagine the Patient Experience

Why the CMS push for interoperability could make an impact

Live Mint & The Wallstreet Journal

Are we ready for the AI driven precision healthcare revolution?

Persistent Systems acquires Herald Health™, transforming healthcare data overload into clear and actionable insights

Healthcare Analytic News

Patient 360: Bringing Disparate Information into One View

How Does AI Fit Into Health Care’s Priorities Of 2018?


How digital transformation is driving change in clinical trials


Precision Health Systems, the S curve in Healthcare Transformation

Mobile technology crucial for improving doctor-patient engagement: Sudhir Kulkarni, Persistent Systems

Perfecting the knowledge flow for medical AI

Personalizing Healthcare: The Netflix Approach

Four principles for success with Digital Health

Improving clinical trials and research through mobile technology

What Tesla’s electric truck can teach us about Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

The four trends shaping the Digital Transformation of Healthcare in 2018

3 keys to cost-conscious population health management

A resolution for resolute solutions for Healthcare

Organizations take two approaches to creating interoperability platform

A Blockchain prescription for the Indian pharmaceutical industry

Increasing patient access and patient centeredness through Cognitive Search

How IoT can help detect and control infectious disease outbreaks in real-time

Locking electronic health record systems may reduce possibility of Healthcare Transformation: Sudhir Kulkarni

How the Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech is leveraging high-performance analytics for public health

Healthcare Innovation

Leaders at Virginia Tech’s Biocomplexity Institute devise an analytic platform to address infectious disease spread

Volume to value-based care delivery – Are health systems ready to match the pace?

The perfect storm of digital disruption at health systems

How cloud-based platforms can advance public health research

How the Louisiana Public Health Institute adapted Learning Health Systems to streamline clinical studies

Persistent Systems and Attivio announce Engage 360 on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise app marketplace

Q & A with Attivio: Q & A with Sudhir Kulkarni, President of Digital at Persistent Systems

Healthcare Innovation

Partners HealthCare, Persistent Systems collaborate on digital platform for clinical care

Partners HealthCare and Persistent Systems to team up on new industrywide digital platform for clinical care

Persistent Systems: Fast growth Salesforce practice with Healthcare focus

The Starship Enterprise, Salesforce and Persistent Healthcare – Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor not a software developer!

Salesforce unveils telehealth solution for Salesforce Health Cloud, enabling two-way video to drive deeper patient engagement

Digitizing the customer focus – A key for US Healthcare (Part 2 of 2)

Persistent Systems Extends Salesforce Health Cloud to Support Patient and Provider Engagement and Interaction

Digitizing the customer focus – A key for US Healthcare (Part 1 of 2)

Design Thinking for improved patient engagement in Healthcare

MACRA and Healthcare IT: Persistent’s approach to MACRA implementation


Supporting the Fight against COVID-19

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Data-Driven Population Health Management -The Key To Improved Patient Outcomes


Shreekanth Joshi discusses how digitization in healthcare infrastructure serves as a foundation for major focus areas


Persistent acquires Herald Health™, transforming healthcare data overload into actionable insights


Persistent supports REACHnet’s patient-centered research by developing an innovative digital platform


Connected Moments – Design Thinking for improved patient engagement in Healthcare


Multi-omics to new scientific breakthrough

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