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Unlock the full potential of multi-currency wallets with Persistent and Mambu

As banking customers increasingly demand a digital wallet that allows them to hold and spend multiple currencies seamlessly, the multi-currency wallet has become a valuable tool for banks to offer.

Persistent has collaborated with Mambu and integrated its digital engineering expertise with Mambu’s cloud banking platform to develop a multi-currency wallet solution for institutions. The solution developed by Persistent offers pre-built integrations into Mambu and the ISV ecosystem, enabling institutions to launch a multi-currency wallet quickly and effectively.

  • With this partnership, Persistent is able to offer its industry and technical expertise to help banks modernize their technology and operating models to meet their customers’ evolving needs.
  • The multi-currency wallet provides customers with a convenient and flexible way to manage multiple currencies and transactions, whether it’s for domestic or international use.
  • This collaboration provides a powerful and proven set of providers to help institutions on their digital journey, allowing them to reduce operating costs and complexity while rapidly building and launching new products.
  • This puts more control in the hands of customers and raises the standard of excellence in banking services.

For more information on how your bank or financial institution can offer multi-currency wallet solutions, get in touch.

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