Application development continues to evolve, becoming more complex and distributed with the increasing adoption of DevSecOps, AI-ML and edge computing. Combined with ever-increasing cyber security threats, quality engineering is also transforming.
Today’s quality engineering function must enable accelerated application, product, and service delivery, and be an enabler, rather than a barrier, to digital transformation.
To achieve this, testing becomes a continual function, not the final stage of the development cycle. Here we discuss ExtenSURE, Persistent’s Intelligent Product Engineering Framework designed for the new world of software development.

Leveraging our 30 years of experience in partnering with the world’s largest software product companies and software-driven enterprises, ExtenSURE embodies a ‘Shift Left’ approach to quality engineering. It requires software engineering teams to maintain a testing mindset across the entire software development lifecycle and beyond, making sure that reliability, security, and accessibility issues are identified and fixed much earlier in the development life cycle.