Environment, Health and Safety Policy


Persistent Systems Limited and all its subsidiaries (Present and Future) are committed to pro-actively conserve the environment, control our impact on climate change and continually improve performance of our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Management Systems.

To achieve this, we pledge to:

  • Promote sustainable development in all our activities including software design and development.
  • Conserve energy promote use of renewable energy and reduce GHS emissions; with a focus on result oriented continual improvement and validation by third party certification; with an overall aim to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Work with our supply chain partners to procure eco-friendly hardware, products and material to reduce generation of hazardous waste.
  • Take customers into confidence to adopt eco-design principles and support in reducing adverse environmental impact.
  • Create safe working environment to all stakeholders working for Persistent, promote health consciousness among employees and implement wellness programs.
  • Strive to reduce, reuse and recycle products/material and mitigate adverse environmental impact, water and energy conservation.
  • Involve our employees and vendor staff in our campuses to adopt healthy lifestyle, with greater awareness for occupational hazards and risks. Take initiatives like “Go Green” (which include tree plantation, energy saving etc.) and contribute to reduce adverse impact due to climate change.
  • Ensure that all applicable legal and other requirements are identified and endeavor to achieve even better than them.
  • Encourage suppliers to adopt pro-active approach to make their facilities EHSMS compliant.
  • Encourage facility owners / builders to ensure appropriate legal and environmental compliance where Persistent hires facilities.
  • Adopt pro-active EHS management system implementation at local level and then extend it to global level.
  • Overall, create awareness; develop skills and competence of our employees towards a sustainable “safe and green” way of life.
This EHS Policy is accessible to stakeholders

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    You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com

    You can also email us directly at info@persistent.com