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Progressive organizations are experiencing a complete digital transformation and are embracing a DevOps centric delivery model to increase collaboration between development and operations. Enterprises need a partner with best-in-class DevOps capabilities and services for continuous software delivery that enables them to seize market opportunities and reduce time-to-customer feedback.

Persistent is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) DevOps competency partner with extensive experience in a wide range of IT implementation and development solutions with AWS.


Agile Practitioners


Projects using Agile Methodology

More than 60%

Projects Run in Agile mode

End-To-End Agile DevOps Solutions

End-To-End Agile DevOps Solutions

Persistent is Across Various Lifecycle Stages of DevOps on AWS

AWS Life Cycle

Persistent’s AWS DevOps Proficiency

Agile/CI-CD Pipelines

With Over 30+ years’ of experience in Cloud, DevOps, and Big Data infrastructure Persistent helps to develop more and more consumer-driven enterprise strategies. Persistent deployed Agile/CI-CD Pipelines.

certified AWS specialists

With the help of a strong team of certified AWS specialists in AWS solution architecture and development, a major Hadoop and NoSQL platforms company excelled in achieving on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Local repository of AWS service

Local repository of AWS service procedures used for quick infrastructure deployments and regular technical sessions for newly launched AWS services.

Persistent’s DevOps Approach and Process

Persistent’s DevOps Approach and Process

CI/CD Best Practices

  • Make the CI/CD pipeline the only way to deploy to production
  • Maintain parity with production wherever possible
  • Build only once and promote the result through the pipeline
  • Minimize branching in your version control system
  • Run tests locally before committing to the CI/CD pipeline
  • Run tests in ephemeral environments when possible
  • Isolate and secure your CI/CD environment
  • Recommended to use blue-green deployments wherever possible

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Success Stories

Customer Quote

Persistent Customer - Clearedin

At Clearedin, we are helping organizations and users “Eliminate Phishing.” The intent is to build a relationship graph among individuals, services, and companies, enabling sharing of the trusted network, to keep the bad guys out. Platform selection and execution have never been more important with the goals of achieving a fast, easy to implement and deploy as well as a cost-effective solution with a stable and proven service platform. We chose AWS for these reasons and partnered with Persistent systems who bring in an excellent combination of product development excellence and expertise on AWS services like – EMR, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route53, API Gateway, Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, SES, SNS et al. It’s been an exemplary journey so far, and we continue to evaluate new services AWS keeps bringing to the table.

Deepak Kumar,
CEO, Clearedin

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