Architect, operationalize and optimize apps & cloud infrastructure to achieve cost efficiency and to accelerate modernization.

As your business aligns to the digital paradigm, collaboration with a deeply specialized cloud partner to establish strong governing principles and implementation of end-to-end cloud architecture, infrastructure setup, operation and continuous modernization can accelerate your digital journey.

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End-to-end Managed Services


Provisioning, Deployment and Support


 Cloud Migration Plan
Cloud Migration Plan

Advisory & Consulting

  • Cloud feasibility review and migration approach
  • Workload prioritization, sequencing, grouping
  • Migration sprints plan and timelines
  • Applications knowledge gathering and replay

Apps / DB / DW Migration
Apps / DB / DW Migration

Agile program delivery

  • Workload migration and validation on cloud
  • Validate functional and nonfunctional scenarios
  • Update application run books in cloud env.
  • Security setup, policies and management
BAU – Keep lights on through managed support / maintenance services

Managed services scope and operating model aligned with business objectives and goals.

Certified Google Cloud Architects to support cloud architecture design and infrastructure setup.

Certified Google Cloud Engineers to support network and end-to-end security design.

Certified Google Cloud Engineers to support workload migration or cloud-native build.

Certified and Google Cloud experienced team to support workload and infrastructure management and to provide 24x7 support.

Continuous optimization and modernization for cost and operational efficiencies.

End-to-end IT governance for tracking alignment with business objectives, setting and tracking SLAs and benchmarks and monitoring and measuring cost as well as operational efficiencies.

Cloud adoption – On prem / AWS to GCP migration

Manage & Operate
Manage & Operate

24×7 keep lights on

  • Customer support model, ticketing, event logging and analytics
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting, incident management
  • SLA Management and reporting, etc
  • Build Cloud operate and manage runbooks

Simplify & Optimize
Simplify & Optimize

Cost Efficiencies

  • App performance, GCP usage, billing, etc
  • KPI review, continual process  improvement
  • Customer surveys and satisfaction reviews
  • Automated tools and Engineering synergies

Modernize Workload
Modernize Workload

Cloud-native paradigm

  • Continuous refactoring for code simplification
  • Modernization through MSA / containerization / K8s / APIs
  • Adopt GKE / Serverless to improve cost and operating efficiencies
  • Track performance and cost for continuous improvements
Digital Operations – Service Catalog

Operate – Manage – Optimize

Cloud Operate
  • Cloud architecture design
  • Cloud architecture setup
  • Instance administration
  • Resource monitoring / management
  • Cost / billing management
  • Cost optimization
  • Dashboard and Report
  • 24×7 Maintenance
  • Email, phone and ticket-based support
Applications Management
  • SLA Definitions
  • Application Monitoring
  • Application Maintenance
  • Problems / Issue Resolution
  • Service Management – Change and Support
  • Dashboard and Report – Service Performance
  • Training and Enablement
  • Communication – Alerts and notifications
Simplify & Optimize
  • DevOps / Engineering tools
  • Build-release automation
  • Refactoring & cloud-native patterns
  • Technology version upgrades
  • Consolidation / app sunsetting
  • Log management and analytics
  • Continuous resource / cost optimization
  • Containerization
Service Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Support guide on best practices
Support on Google Product inquiry
Technical advisory x
New service deployment x
Basic architecture design x
Basic implementation and configuration of GCP services x
Review for new GCP deployments (hand over) from infrastructure point of view
Regular inspection of native cloud services On-demand
VM performance fine-tunes (hardware resource management) x Added cost Added cost
Disk snapshot backup & restoration x
VPC (Subnet / shared VPC / IP)
Identity access management (Roles)
Billing and support
Technical Support
Technical agent support 9*5 9*5 24*5 24*7
User queries
Issues troubleshooting related to GCP services
Firewall rule update and modification
Cloud Storage (Creation/versioning/mounting to VM) x Added cost Added cost
Set up Security Command Center, Cloud VPN/Service account related query x Added Cost
Cost Optimisation
Cost Optimisation recommendations x
Custom billing dashboards/reports x Added Cost Added Cost
Budget alerts
Resource Optimization
Resource Rightsizing (CPU/Memory/Storage) recommendations x
Adviosry on choosing right product configuration x
Performance optimization recommendations x x
Architecture review and guidance on optimized design x Added cost
24×365 monitoring
Reporting x x
Security & Compliance
Cloud security command center based recommendations for security x Added service Added service Added service
Security Vulnerability mitigation and fix implementation Added service Added service Added service
Complaince adherance- PCI, FedRAMP, GDPR, HIPPA etc x Added cost Added cost
Monthly business review x
Quarterly business review
Root cause analysis P1 P1 P1 & P2 P1 & On demand
Meaningful response SLO (Read with RCA point above) 90 Minutes 60 Minutes 30 Minutes 15 Minutes
Configuration management and drift reports x
Advanced Monitoring**
Infra monitoring with specialized solution x Added cost Added cost Added cost
Application monitoring x Added cost Added cost Added cost
DB monitoring x Added cost Added cost Added cost
Logs monitoring x Added cost Added cost Added cost
Advanced Custom Services
L7 Firewall installation & management x Added cost Added cost Added cost
Operating system patch management x Added cost Added cost Added cost
Custom backup and restoration services x Added cost Added cost Added cost
Automation through IAC scripts x Added cost Added cost Added cost

* Using standard Google proprietary tools
* Using Security Command Center – Standard version
* Non-standard third party bespoke tools and technologies

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