Data Visualization Tools

Even the best, most complete, most up-to-date business information is worthless if your leaders and employees can’t:

  1. Access it easily.
  2. Understand it quickly.
  3. Act on it decisively.

Humans are hard-wired to process visual information:

  • 90% of the information that reaches our brains is visual
  • Our brains process these images 60,000 times faster than text

Persistent Systems understands the function-specific dashboards and data visualizations are critical to the data-driven enterprise, and our global team of developers has developed a number of powerful, customizable data visualization solutions to help your employees be as efficient, effective and productive as they can be.

Persistent Responsive Dashboards (PRD)

Create robust, customized dashboards on the fly — no programming required.

What if your teams had the ability to create their own customized dashboards on the fly, drawing from a wide variety of data sources, simply by dragging and dropping the widgets they need from a rich catalog of options?

With Persistent Responsive Dashboard (PRD) from Persistent Systems, your users can move from dashboard design to deployment in just a few hours, improving efficiency and effectiveness overnight — literally.

How does PRD work?

PRD is an incredibly easy-to-use dashboard creation tool that combines:

  • A modern, intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.
  • The ability to seamlessly consolidate data from multiple sources into a single dashboard.
  • An open architecture approach, supporting Dojo, D3, jQuery and any other JavaScript library.
  • The ability to establish relationships between widgets, enabling drill-down, zoom and correlation capabilities with just one click.
  • LDAP integration support to identify user roles and privileges automatically while streamlining access.
  • Industry standard data access through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or REST API , with built-in support for UI based connectors for ITM and APM products.
  • Built-in support for IBM Design Language (IDL) to deliver a consistent, high-quality user experience.

Network Performance Insight (NPI)

Find and fix network issues–before they become business issues.

Enterprise networks are growing increasingly complex due to the growth of:

  • Branch offices
  • Streaming video
  • VoIP and virtual meeting solutions
  • SaaS and cloud-based applications
  • Connected devices

That increased complexity creates exponentially more opportunities for network performance issues to arise–issues that need to be addressed before they can choke off your mission critical applications and do lasting damage to your business.

Find and fix network performance issues in near-real time with Network Performance Insight (NPI) from Persistent Systems.

What is NPI?

NPI works in concert with your existing network monitoring tools, bringing together:

  • Event alerts from IBM’s OMNIbus
  • Network topology from IBM’s Network Management tool
  • Dashboards from IBM Netcool Operations Insights

NPI applies data analytics and next-generation data visualization to help you:

  • Integrate all your network data – event, topology and performance – onto one screen
  • Accelerate your response and resolution time
  • Deliver uninterrupted access to your business-critical systems
  • Maximize your return on your existing network monitoring investment

IBM’s Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager (TNPM)

The network monitoring and visualization dashboard for today’s complex networks.

When it comes to network performance issues, every minute counts. With TNPM,

you can answer the following questions and many more in just three clicks:

  • What is the overall performance of my network?
  • Why are there problems with network performance?
  • Where are the customers impacted by performance degradation?
  • Which of the network nodes performs the worst?
  • When did the problems start occurring?

TNPM is incredibly flexible and customizable to meet all your network and business needs, including the ability to:

  • Create powerful customized dashboards intuitively, further accelerating your problem resolution and reducing mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Export dashboards and reports to PDF, Excel and CSV with the click of a mouse for easy status updates and report-outs.
  • Leverage Big-Data Hadoop architecture and RESTful APIs for third-party connectivity.

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