Gartner Magic Quadrant evaluated 21 cloud service providers for their Public Cloud IT Transformation offerings. We believe this market evaluation by Gartner is a must-read for businesses looking to understand the capabilities of public cloud transformation services offered by different cloud consulting vendors.

Persistent’s comprehensive suite of cloud offerings encompasses our unique, practitioner-led model adding significant and lasting business value to organizations like yours. Additionally, our automation, AI, and IP-based solutions help execute migration and modernization programs in a faster, better, and more optimized way.

These offerings combined with a skilled talent pool, enable businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of the cloud, unlock new opportunities, and drive enhanced operational efficiency.

Persistent is focused on tailored solutions catering to unique requirements of individual customer needs. We deliver long-term business value through our unique practitioner– led model, increased speed and efficiency with IP and accelerators, and with greater flexibility and adaptability with multi-cloud capabilities.

As a client-centric organization, we are the most reviewed Public Cloud IT Transformation Services vendor on Gartner Peer Insights™ with 81 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 out 5, as of August 22nd, 2023. We are also a participating vendor in the Gartner Peer Insights Customer First program.