Persistent’s Cloud Operations Managed Service, built on a framework with core technology, automation and flexible reporting, makes it the perfect choice for organizations working in a single cloud, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment.

Moving from on-premises data centers to the cloud comes with a unique set of challenges as well as a wide array of benefits. Transforming from a static environment into the use of dynamic native cloud services adds flexibility and new capabilities for individuals and departments.

While cloud offers numerous advantages, challenges inevitably arise. It can be a struggle to optimize expenses and accurately forecast costs via the various cloud providers’ native management tools and to create standardized processes within operations.

In addition, all of these issues are amplified by the cloud skills gap and the reality that building and retaining skilled IT teams can be cost-prohibitive for many organizations.

As IT leaders look for better ways to automate and streamline their cloud operations, implement cost management, enhance compliance and enforce security across cloud environments, Persistent has come out with a solution to address their needs.

Persistent’s next-generation multi-cloud intelligent operations framework, CloudOps, is the one-stop solution for your cloud management challenges. With deeper cloud visibility, preventative governance guardrails and automatic remediation, CloudOps ensures continuous compliance across multi-cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

CloudOps seamlessly combines the core aspects of financial, security, and cloud operations.

Working in concert with our experienced cloud practitioners, the three components of Persistent CloudOps can help your organization extract the full value of your organization’s multi-cloud deployments—achieving greater efficiency and cost control while establishing the governance and security that the hybrid/multi-cloud world demands.

CloudOps Benefits
  • Achieve complete, autonomous, and continuous next-gen cloud governance at scale across integrated security, financial, and cloud operations.
  • Unlock savings and improve visibility through single-pane-of-glass cost management, forecasting, and optimization.
  • Increase operations efficiency with centralized multi-cloud management and orchestration.
  • Deploy platform services faster and more easily with a SaaS-based model.
  • Support operations with a managed services model to provide continuous insights, recommendations, and remediation for cost control and optimization.
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Persistent Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Our Cloud Partner Ecosystem

We bring domain knowledge, engineering, and technology expertise to develop a rich set of cloud-based solutions with a 360-degree relationship as a training, engineering, certification, and implementation partner.


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Why Persistent?
Practitioner guided, Automation-led

Unlock the most value from cloud and infrastructure modernization with our practitioners and ready-to-use Automation Stack that implements industry best practices across your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and operations.

Product engineering DNA

Persistent expertise as the leader in product engineering and cloud engineering assisting ISVs in migrating or modernizing to cloud-based distribution, including R&D for cloud service providers to launch new services.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem

A 360-degree relationship as a training, engineering, certification and implementation partner for public cloud service providers, cloud software and platform developers, and close collaboration with open source.

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