Simplify Services Quoting

Provus’ AI-led services quoting platform reinvents how services are estimated, priced, and quoted.


Traditional quoting and CPQ systems focus on products, renewals, and subscriptions, which doesn't translate to the complex needs of quoting professional services. Provus Services Quoting is a purpose-built solution focused on the end-to-end quoting needs for services sales teams. Provus is built 100% native on Salesforce, and easily plugs into your opportunity or CPQ process flow.

End-to-end Services Quoting Automation

Estimation and Scoping in Salesforce

Real Time Collaboration with Delivery teams

AI-led ‘What If’ Scenario Modeling

Guided Selling and Process Management

One click SOW Generation

Advanced Approvals

Native Integration with Salesforce and CPQ systems

PSA and Billing Integration

  • Eliminate the bottleneck of quoting services engagements and accelerate your services sales process.
  • Reduce sales cycles by 70% and streamline the sales process.
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheet calculators, and move all services data onto the Salesforce platform.
  • Collaborate in real-time across all groups — sales, pre-sales, solution engineering, delivery, human resources, and finance.
  • Maximize revenue through intelligent “what-if” scenario modeling.
  • Quickly generate an accurate SOW regardless of project complexities, resource details, and terms and clauses.
  • Pass complete project details into PSA systems. Compare sold revenue to delivery actuals.
  • Ensure the creation of optimal quotes by using historical data to analyze and learn from so you can create quotes with the best chance of deal closure.

Some Personas Benefited

CRO – Head of Sales


  • Sales Growth
  • Sales Efficiency
  • Process Efficiency

Success Delivered

  • Increased transparency of margins
  • Reduced no. of manual steps and internal meetings
  • Increased end-to-end visibility into sales cycles
  • Innovative ways to structure deals
  • Expedited and eased building services proposal
  • Tools to accurately scope and quote services deals

VP – Professional Services


  • Customer Success
  • Project Delivery
  • Process Efficiency

Success Delivered

  • Portfolio view of the services business (forecasting)
  • Standardization of services sales process
  • Collaboration Interface for Presales and Delivery
  • Compare Sold services with Delivery actuals
  • More accurate scoping – driving customer success
  • Increase operational efficiency

Sales Operations Leader


  • Sales Coverage
  • Sales Efficiency
  • Sales Metrics

Success Delivered

  • Maximize revenue and margins
  • Increase win rates
  • Improved customer experience
  • Streamlined sales process(speed and automation)
  • Sales rep productivity gains
  • Sales enablement – Guided Selling

IT/Product Leader


  • Process Efficiency
  • Systems Architecture
  • Innovation

Success Delivered

  • Increased automation
  • Operationalize critical sales data
  • Integration opportunities
  • Migrate spreadsheet-based process onto Salesforce
  • Process transformation
  • Improved architectural design
Why Provus Services Quoting Cloud?

Salesforce with Persistent


Reduced Sales Cycles


Increased Deal Size


Return on Investment


Increased Margins


Salesforce Native

18+ Years Of Salesforce Partnership

Persistent + Provus

Enabling services sales team to maximize revenue and accelerate sales velocity

Salesforce Partnership

Detailed Estimation and Scoping on Salesforce

Quickly generate detailed project estimates from your customizable Estimate Template Library. Eliminate spreadsheet-based processes.

One Click SOW Generation

Automate tedious tasks and use the template library to ensure all the components of your SOW are present.

Increase Win Probability

Create winning proposals

Faster Turnaround

Accelerate Sales Process

Maximize Revenue

No revenue left on the table

AI-led Guided Selling

Increase service attachment

What If Scenario Modeling

Find ideal mix of margin and revenue

Optimize Margins

Increase margin visibility

Customer Success

Streamlining internal sales process

Enhancing sales velocity for a leading high-tech SI for their PS transformation
  • End-to-end platform for scoping, estimation, pricing, quoting, approvals – all in Salesforce
  • Increased deal velocity by reducing sales cycle times and streamlining pre-sales process
  • Reduced sales cycles by 56%
  • Eliminating 3 spreadsheet-based processes by moving those processes onto Provus and Salesforce

Enhancing sales velocity

Streamlining internal sales process for an equipment consulting firm in the US
  • Automation of dynamic proposal generation
  • Standardization of quote estimation
  • Reduced operational overhead by 65%
  • Robust integrations with existing tools and systems
  • Removed manual workflows and processes
  • Increased turnaround time and delivery of higher quality services

Automated quoting

Automated quoting experience for a leading workforce management software provider
  • AI-powered services quoting automation
  • Improved internal processes and workflows for the sales team
  • Easy integrations with CRM and existing internal systems
  • Elimination of spreadsheet and offline manual processes

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