Sales and business development representatives play an anchor role in delivering revenue and growth for every organization. It is crucial for the sales reps to know the customer well, respond smartly and proactively to their needs, and build deeper connections.

However, sales and business development reps often get overwhelmed with the real-time, ad-hoc nature of customer engagements and the need and challenge of finding precise information to effectively respond to the business requests, inquiries, and opportunities.

The reps do not have the time to wade through information scattered across the disparate organizational silos while they respond to customers who are looking for fast, reliable, and effective responses. As it is, finding relevant and actionable information from various repositories with speedily growing large, unstructured, and complex text content is highly challenging.

Sales & marketing value proposition consistency and responsiveness

Quality and velocity in sales enablement, and proposal engagement

Productive, effective, and speedy sales pipeline progression

Inefficient information access leads to sales inefficacy causing low throughput and poor business outcomes. Delayed and inaccurate responses to customer inquiries and opportunities lead to plummeting customer confidence and potential loss of business.

Cognitive Search-Powered Sales Acceleration Solution

Persistent’s Engage360-Salesforce solution for Sales Acceleration, powered by intelligent search service Amazon Kendra, accelerates, and streamlines sales onboarding, outreach collaboration, proposal responses, and overall sales pipeline management.

This facilitates improved sales productivity, competitiveness, and enhances opportunity management.

Engage360 equips Sales and business development reps with accurate and contextual recommendations relevant to the concerned customer and opportunity within the familiar Salesforce environment.

As the sales and business development reps engage with their customers and process the inquiries and opportunities, Engage360 proactively renders within Sales Console any matching answers, FAQs, and related information, including related proposals and similar opportunities, from knowledge silos outside and within Salesforce.

These recommendations can be further sorted, filtered, and paginated by the rep to quickly navigate and easily locate the precise information, elevating the sales engagement process.

In-place actionable insights within Salesforce Sales Console

Contextual to the Salesforce business object – Opportunity

Single-click recommendations

Engage360-Salesforce is a managed package application approved and certified by Salesforce and listed on AppExchange marketplace.

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