Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) is a new offering that enables organizations to build, deploy, and manage applications, by providing a fully managed Red Hat OpenShift platform on AWS. With Red Hat OpenShift running natively on AWS, the ROSA service allows for customers to choose the way they use Kubernetes-based Red Hat OpenShift while helping to establish cloud-native systems in an agile and cost-effective manner.

Many organizations today already are using Red Hat OpenShift and AWS separately. Now, with the launch of ROSA, they can also enjoy these together as a fully integrated service managed by AWS and Red Hat, bringing ease of use, flexibility, increased security, and the convenience of a single bill.

Companies have often had challenges around managing multiple OpenShift clusters and related security issues. The new ROSA platform is managed by AWS and Red Hat. It helps not only to address skill gaps but also frees up teams so that they may have the bandwidth to focus on other strategic priorities.

Persistent Systems is a trusted global solutions company, delivering digital business acceleration, enterprise modernization, and next generation product engineering services.

“As a Red Hat and AWS partner, many of our clients already leverage OpenShift on AWS for critical software modernization.”

Jiani Zhang, President, Alliance and Industrial Solutions Unit, Persistent Systems

“ROSA speeds deployments and frees up teams to more easily manage deployments directly from the AWS Console.”

As both an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Red Hat Advanced Build Partner, Persistent brings over 100 Red Hat OpenShift accredited professionals who are cloud delivery specialists and experts in application modernization and development. The digital product engineering teams at Persistent are both knowledgeable and experienced with regard to Red Hat OpenShift deployments.

As an AWS partner, Persistent combines domain knowledge, engineering, and technology expertise with hands-on AWS experience to help develop a rich set of cloud-based solutions. We deliver innovative cloud services, enabling fast, flexible and scalable access to the AWS cloud.

As a Red Hat partner, Persistent builds and deploys applications that scale intelligently across the hybrid cloud, making use of the Red Hat OpenShift enterprise Kubernetes container platform. Persistent provides the right combination of DevOps automation, containerization, cloud platform management, and application skills for flexible and global delivery.

As an experienced guide in navigating the modernization journey for customers, Persistent is excited to explore the powerful capability and flexibility of the new Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) offering with you. Learn more at and fill out the contact form below to indicate your interest; we’ll be happy to have one of our specialists reach out to you.