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This article is the first in a series that aims to take you behind the scenes at Persistent Systems France, a premium Salesforce partner for 20 years. We regularly share the latest news about ourselves online. But what’s the back story to what we say? What are Persistent France’s values? How do we manage to foster team spirit even when working remotely? What is our onboarding process for new colleagues who join us? We don’t want to lecture anybody, we just want to share our approach and, perhaps, get people thinking and talking about the subject!

Why write about Persistent France’s values and how it shares them?

Why did we decide to launch a series of articles about our values and our onboarding process at Persistent France? We’re not going to lie to you: it wasn’t our idea. The first person who made us want to tackle these themes was Marc Vilcot, a consultant and trainer in team management, who we have been working with for years and who has been supporting us since the creation of Persistent Systems France. 

As an external consultant, Marc has been involved in the development of Persistent France since our first recruitments: he supports us in evaluating new candidates, especially those who may take on managerial or sales-related roles.

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Marc has a very good grasp of the different stages in our integration process, which allows us to involve the future employee and the Persistent team in cross-sharing of each other’s expectations.  During one of our many conversations, he suggested that the uniqueness of our approach and the strength of the values effectively expressed in the field, with staff and with external partners, might interest readers and future Persistent talents.

Making people want to be part of the team seems obvious to us, as we are so focused on it.  Not only internally, but also with our customers. Here is the testimony of Dominique Duret, IT project manager with our client Soitec:

These are the elements that got us thinking, and encouraged us to publish this series of articles on the values and recruitment process at Persistent France:

  • Positive feedback about our mindset and values (from customers, suppliers, employees, etc.) ;
  • The realisation that all of this is perhaps not a coincidence, but the result of a long-term effort that dates back to the creation of Persistent Systems France (or even before);
  • The desire to get out of our comfort zone a little, by sharing not only our projects and our results, but also what goes on behind the scenes at Persistent. And who knows, start a conversation and get your opinion!
Persistent Systems France in a few words

We are already used to communicating regularly though our website, newsletter and social networks.

We tell you that we are part of the Salesforce Europe Division of Persistent Systems, that we celebrated our 3 year anniversary in September 2021, that our workforce has tripled in just one year, that Persistent has a customer satisfaction rating of 5/5… and lots of other information we are always happy to share. 

But what we want to highlight above all, are our staff members, “dotted” all over France (well, almost!), as well as the projects that our customers entrust to us. Because ultimately, we believe that every success is the result of teamwork over the long-term, and of successful cooperation with our customers and our partners.

Our values: the foundation of a strong corporate culture

The adventure of the Salesforce division of Persistent Systems France began in 2018, with an office and two people (one of whom was working remotely from Switzerland).

Today, at the start of 2022, we have more than 60 employees in five cities:

  • Grenoble (South East France)
  • Nantes (West)
  • Lille (North East)
  • Paris
  • Mâcon (Centre)

Growth is steady, projects are on the increase, diaries are filling up fast.  However we continue to spend a lot of time recruiting, onboarding new recruits, and developing our corporate culture. We made it our priority from the start, and we think it deserves to be even more of a priority today. 

Because sure, our business is about delivering software solutions. But the success of a project is not only measured by whether the new solution is working properly, or whether the company is gaining in productivity and efficiency. A project is successful if each end user sees their daily work improved by the change:

  • if our employees feel fulfilled because the project ran smoothly;
  • if the customer experience is improved;
  • if each person involved in the project is satisfied with the result, regardless of their status and role in the company.

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