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Streamlined hiring processes for US based financial software company

When a rapidly expanding financial software company needed to level up from manual data loading to an automated, streamlined way, Persistent & Salesforce stepped in to deliver the solution.


The client sought technical expertise to design a flexible process for their Hiring Plan, Kick-Off, Interview & Candidate assessment. Their Data was spread across multiple systems, which led to unstable integrations and a time-consuming process of manual data loading using excel. The client needed development expertise to create apps that were easily pluggable to any ATS.


Persistent brought to the table a deep expertise in BFSI to,

  • Build services and design generic models to assign the application/data access to users based on their roles (Permission set, Public Group).
  • Develop an App for creating library data (SVCQ).
  • Deliver a solution to insert >10K pieces of data in a single request.
  • Provide a flexible option to assess candidates against requisition / targeted roles.
  • Create multiple Lightning components which continue to be reusable in others Lightning Apps.
Impact of the solution delivered by Persistent


Improved Efficiency


Effort saved in hiring process


Client’s hiring processes saw massive improvements as Persistent delivered the following outcomes,

  • Provided real time data for reporting in their HR Talent Management System, facilitated by continuous integration with ATS.
  • Helped eliminate manual assignment processes by automating the system. This helped save about 2 hours of manual effort every day
  • Saved about 1-2 hours per person a day of time by creating library data app.
  • Resolved PROD issues with quick turn-around-time. This helped improve system adoption, reduction in manual work and human errors
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