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Product development teams have long relied on robust application suites, purpose-built to bring their products to market with speed, quality and efficiency. Software developers gravitated towards Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolsets while hardware-focused teams adopted Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platforms.

Yet much has changed with the evolution to complex software-driven and mission critical products in industries like aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical devices. Increasingly, organizations excel when they link software and product engineering data and processes. They require integrated solutions that account for everything. Every updated requirement. Every new design. Every design update. Engineers require a single source of truth – or traceability – across their data. Without this consistency, it becomes difficult to keep requirements, new designs, or changes consistent. Changes must be made instantaneously and automatically across systems even when the data is located in multiple places.

Persistent is well positioned to address these integration challenges. We have a portfolio of solutions from lightweight integration plugins to customized service-based solutions. Our objective is to enhance team collaboration and engineering data federation and traceability required for industry standard compliancy.

  • Improves cross-team collaboration.
  • Enables real-time visibility so all teams have the same information.
  • Improves productivity by eliminating inefficient data transfers.
  • Improves project traceability.
  • Enables flexibility so each team can use their system of choice.

Offerings & Solutions

Persistent UNITE for Jira

Seamlessly integrating Atlassian Jira and your IBM ELM solution for advanced reporting capabilities.

Persistent UNITE for GIT

Integrating GitLab and Bitbucket with your IBM ELM solution for improved project traceability when using global configuration across tools.

Persistent UNITE OSLC Integration

OSLC integration support designed to keep up with growing software and hardware complexities improve end-to-end visibility.

Why Persistent?
Domain Expertise

Experts with deep knowledge of how tools should be integrated and how to get the most out of your investment. Our experts have worked with the IBM ELM and Dassault PLM tools for years and have experience using them internally for our own processes.

Proven Solutions

We have helped many customers in improving their engineering solution integration and workflows through our UNITE offering. Streamline their data sets, preventing needless clutter, and optimizing their environment.

Services Leadership

With 30 years of digital product engineering and enterprise solutions integration expertise we can help organizations understand, deploy and effectively utilize software and industry solutions.

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Persistent's UNITE engineering integration solution


Increasing engineering productivity: Integrating ALM & PLM platforms for today’s complex products

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Introducing Persistent's UNITE engineering integration solution

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