Transform Sales and Service Experiences with Intelligent Search

Empower sales reps and service agents by intuitively and proactively delivering precise and in-place recommendations contextual to the sales opportunity or support case from a scattered set of knowledge silos.

Sales and support are critical functions in every company’s pursuit to win, sustain, and grow customer business. Effectiveness and success of these operations depends on timely and easy access to relevant information.

Sales reps often struggle to find the relevant information to help them make progress with customer enquiries and business opportunities. They would rather spend their time and effort meeting their customers than searching for information across scattered silos and search interfaces. But they need access to information for meaningful conversations and winnable proposals.

Similarly, customer service agents are often overwhelmed with a high volume of customer requests and tickets. They repeatedly spend enormous time and effort wading through a multitude of unstructured text within content repositories, knowledge articles, wikis, and portals, to access reasonably relevant information to address customer issues.

Persistent’s Engage360 solution for Salesforce leverages Amazon Kendra’s machine learning-powered intelligent search capabilities to deliver sales effectiveness and superior service agent productivity. With Engage360, your support and sales reps don’t need to search through troves of disparate and distributed unstructured information. In a single click, suggested answers, matching FAQs, similar cases / opportunities, relevant solutions / success stories, and other recommended content is proactively rendered within familiar Salesforce interfaces such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Delivered in partnership with AWS and Salesforce, Persistent’s Engage360 is a managed package that is easily set up within your Salesforce ecosystem and configured with fully managed Kendra search service.

Offerings & Solutions

Sales and Business Development Empowerment

  • Improves precision and thoroughness of business proposals
  • Enhances quality of sales conversations
  • Accelerates speed of responses to customer
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Customer Support Assist

  • Maximizes first contact resolution
  • Accelerates mean time to resolution
  • Reduces learning curve for newly inducted service agents
  • Enables smart ticket routing and agent collaboration
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Intelligent search solution with Engage360 for Salesforce Apps

Empowering Sales and Support reps with fast access to relevant information is one of the best ways to positively impact customer experiences.

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Client Success

Improved Account Visibility and Elevated Customer Outcome

How Engage360 enabled Fortune 100 Financial Solutions Company deliver superior insights to institutional agents leading to personable client relationships and…

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Deliver superior customer engagement experiences for your service agents, sales reps, and customer relationship executives. Check out for yourself with a demo of Engage360 application configured and operational in Salesforce Sales Cloud / Service Cloud.
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