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Enabling your organization with governance risk and compliance services to achieve greater GRC maturity and move to an integrated risk management framework through automation.

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Integrated Risk Management (IRM), formerly known as Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) technologies, plays a critical role in enabling organizations to identify overlaps and eliminate duplication & redundancies in managing identifying risk and compliance obligations effectively and efficiently.

Over the past decade, the GRC/IRM market gained significant momentum and growth, with many organizations starting to adopt these technologies and, at the same time, witnessing a substantial influx of tool vendors. Still, only a few of them have survived and have true enterprise-wide capabilities. In the recent study conducted by OCEG, one-third of the participants indicated that they are still operating in silos, and more than two-thirds indicated that their organizations are still on the journey to greater GRC maturity.

With deep roots in technology and domain expertise in the risk and compliance space, Persistent’s governance risk and compliance services are positioned to help organizations implement GRC programs successfully. We provide end-to-end services from developing GRC strategy to selecting the right tool and assisting organizations with implementation. We work closely with stakeholders from CISO, CRO, CCO, and CPO offices to design, configure, onboard, and maintain solutions for managing various risk and compliance programs.

  • Automate most of your manual tasks and processes to improve response time while keeping the focus on informed decision-making
  • Keep decision-makers in the risk assessment process informed with interactive visualization and reporting that create intuitive outcomes and reduce manual research
  • Assess your enterprise risk management (ERM) state to drive the implementation of controls & measures based on the results
  • Improve data visibility for mapping, processing, access, and overall privacy & security with intuitive dashboarding and visualization
  • Gain a competitive advantage by ensuring continuous compliance with the most stringent requirements & local privacy laws by leveraging the immense capabilities of a GRC platform
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