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Third-Party Risk Management

Proactively manage third-party risk using governance risk and compliance services to optimize your corporate strategy for doing business with third parties.

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Global companies leverage third-party solutions for everything from customer service to back-office processing. This has led to the rapid rise in Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) as part of a corporate strategy for vendor management, minimizing the risks associated with doing business with third parties.

TPRM provides executives with a 360o view of risks and performance across the extended enterprise to proactively identify and manage threats, including complying with regulatory compliances and ensuring the effectiveness of defined controls. Persistent’s TPRM solution is part of their Governance Risk and Compliance services. It provides a comprehensive view of third parties’ risk posture, including supply chain, financial services, or information security risks.

It provides:

  • Tier-based categorization
  • End-to-end integrated risk management
  • A Well-defined framework
  • Processes for third-party management

Whether your organization has a large, well-established third-party ecosystem or is still developing one, Persistent’s TPRM solution helps improve the health of your organization’s program, including risk profile and compliance.

  • Stay ahead of attackers with an integrated and unified solution for third-party risk management leveraging internal intelligence and external feeds
  • Leverage automation to increase third-party coverage to expand the effective visibility of risks, reducing vendor risk
  • Improve executive visibility with an integrated view of vendor risk posture to facilitate faster and more effective decision making
  • Reduce assessment turnaround time by placing vendor information at the hands of decision-makers, eliminating tedious manual research
  • Align your compliance to industry standards using a vendor management software that standardizes assessments and helps mitigate risk
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